Missing the necessary materials for approval?Such land requisition approval has no authority to requisition land

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Land requisition approval reply refers to that in the process of land requisition, The State Council and the people’s governments of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government examine the land requisition approval materials submitted by the people’s governments of cities and counties according to the procedures and powers prescribed by law, and make an administrative act of whether to permit land requisition according to law.According to its definition, the approval materials submitted are particularly important for the review of the legality of land requisition approval. Then what are the main materials of land requisition approval?(1) Construction land project submission materials “one book four plans”, namely construction land submission specification, land acquisition plan, agricultural land conversion plan, farmland supplement plan, land supply plan;(2) Supplementary cultivated land certificate;(3) The standard of compensation fees for land expropriation and the explanatory materials of resettlement measures;(4) Notice of requisitioned land use, location, compensation standard and resettlement approach;(5) written records of the hearing when requisitioned rural collective economic organizations and peasants request a hearing;(6) Land ownership category area audit table and collective land ownership certificate;(7) The result report of surveying and demarcation of land used for construction projects and the surveying and demarcation map;(8) Land use status map and overall planning map;(9) Supplementary cultivated land location map;(10) Informed confirmation materials signed by land-lost farmers.Here needs the key note, the rural collective land belongs to the village collective, namely the village collective inside all economic organization members, including all villagers.Therefore, it is particularly important to change the collective land into state-owned land and protect the villagers’ right to know.If villagers do not receive notification of land acquisition and sign informed documents, it will be a serious violation of the legal procedures for converting collective land into state-owned land.As can be seen from the above, the application materials submitted to The State Council and the people’s governments of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government for approval of land expropriation are strictly required. If the application materials are incomplete, the effectiveness of the land expropriation approval thus made is obviously significantly flawed.If there is other than for examination and approval authority, a lack of prior procedures to make land approval, or apply beyond the legal time limit of land expropriation, and may lead to the land requisition approval confirmed illegal or even revoked, the masses of farmers friend was imposed on a never ignore the key problems in the process, once found illegal points above,We must promptly safeguard our legitimate rights and interests through legal procedures.