Derivation of violence, close you and take an examination of the 150 points of mathematics distance

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China’s national football Team took on Vietnam’s national team last night at mei Ting Stadium in Hanoi, Vietnam, in the eighth round of the 2022 World Cup Asian Round 12 tournament.As a result, The National football team lost to Vietnam 3-1 and was eliminated from the tournament two rounds ahead of schedule.When asked for his advice on Chinese football, Maradona had only two words to say: Erm…Yet…”And then no more opinions.How big is the distance between Chinese men’s football and the World Cup?If you are a candidate for the postgraduate entrance exam, especially for the math exam, you should know why some people get full marks while others fail to pass.The key is that some people get it — the right training + the right training consistently = making it to shore.How to get training the right way?Here to recommend to you the teacher Yu Bingsen, The characteristics of Teacher Yu Bingsen is “steady and steady”, he does not want to once and for all, but with you “violence to seek guidance”, to help you solve the problem from the source.He’s also on the right track when it comes to training, helping you step by step toward a “bright future.”We say that the distance between you and the national football Team and the World Cup in math may be 150 points at the beginning, but as long as you have firm confidence, keep training and learn from Teacher Yu Bingsen, you will at least be able to enter the World Cup, not win the cup, and the top eight will definitely be ok.Therefore, if you take the postgraduate entrance exam in 2023, you need to take the mathematics test, and you have little confidence in mathematics, then choose Teacher Yu Bingsen, is a very good decision.If you don’t know Mr. Yu Bingsen, you can follow the micro blog @xinwendao Postgraduate Entrance Examination training. We invited Mr. Yu Bingsen, Mr. Ding Yaogang, Mr. Zhang Tongbin and Mr. Guo Chuande to join the mic at 10 am on the fourth, fifth and sixth day of the Chinese New Year. You can feel the style of each teacher closely.