Zhang Kunwei, a yao class student from Tsinghua University who became popular because of his “friend-seeking post”, said that returning to his hometown to teach was just the beginning

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In April 2021, Zhang Kunwei went viral with a friend-seeking post.In the post, he explained his job and income status: he was working in Shanxi Province, the requirements of the woman is “willing to develop in Shanxi Taiyuan Jinzhong area.”He also posted a photo of himself, a desert background, on a solo motorcycle, in a red checked shirt, overweight and tanned.When the post first appeared, he received a lot of abuse.Some netizens even commented, “Even puxin men are not worthy of being spiritually barren.”Later, the post was labeled by some netizens as “fear of men and marriage”, “short and ugly rubbing” and other insulting labels.But many netizens think the online world should not be so malicious to anyone.It soon became clear that his resume was not ordinary.After graduating from high school, I was recommended to Tsinghua University and entered Yao Class. I used to work in jpmorgan Chase, Google and other companies.Then he left Beijing and went back to Shanxi to teach in a secondary school.Later, zhang kunwei’s status as a god, his choice to flee Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and his experience of making friends for a year put him at the center of the controversy.He wrote a response, which sparked even more heated discussion.One of his classmates told Nine Schools news that Zhang kunwei was intelligent, easy-going and kind. He was not a freak at all, and he loved math and computers more than others.Another student said, he is not a superficial person, he has his own world, has traveled a lot of places, read a lot of professional and humanities books.He was a real god in the eyes of his students, and some felt they had to struggle to keep up.”Mr. Zhang thinks we can do everything, but we can’t.””He taught us as tsinghua students, and we all worked hard.”As for love, Zhang said he believes in fate, but his appearance anxiety and online attacks have made him helpless.He is now in a relationship and wants to settle down.For him, returning to teach was just the beginning.The following is zhang Kunwei’s own account.My name is Zhang Kunwei. In April this year, I was on the hot list of Zhihu and gained attention for a time because of a post I posted asking friends to discuss my experience of leaving Beijing and returning to my hometown to teach.In fact, dating was just an interlude in my normal life, but with the help of my enthusiasm, I made some friends with the same interests and got some real work done.I believe in fate emotionally, and have a relationship plan to gradually stabilize down, but also hope that all lovers can be married.In the past 2021, after returning to my hometown to teach, I did not pursue title and salary.Therefore, in jinzhong College, only a little work, do not ask for harvest.Usually, the department arranges what class, I take what class, the student has what question, I answer what question, conscientious and conscientious to do a good job.Zhang Kunwei’s daily life.As a university teacher, there is a certain amount of spare time.I taught myself industrial program control and developed a residence time calculation system for glass polishing for a sichuan photoelectric technology company.At that time, the head of the company came from afar, very enthusiastic, so I also particularly hard to develop, afraid to live up to expectations.Later, they found full-time developers, but my program continued to work.The glass polishing problem is very important for the manufacturing industry, especially for astronomy.I had hoped that my program would eventually improve the accuracy of telescope processing, but THEN I went to work on the informatics competition and didn’t get any further.Speaking of informatics competitions, THIS year I’ve been trying to pick it up again, something I was obsessed with when I was in school.Informatics competition, also known as algorithm competition, is the cradle of many advanced talents in the field of computer.Different from “children’s programming”, which is now done by many training institutions, informatics competition has rigorous topics, standardized organization methods and challenging competition content.Children’s programming is actually taught just some programming games, although it can enhance children’s interest in programming, but after learning interest classes, where to go?In fact, the thinking training that informatics represents can take students to the next level.Ultimately, programming is all about algorithms and data structures.I want to popularize programming as a system that anyone, including teenagers, can learn to code if they work hard along the way.This is tantamount to opening the algorithmic thinking of the computer department to students who are not computer majors.If you can make a little contribution to the popularization of algorithms, of course not wasted life.So that’s what I’m doing now, and occasionally I take a few one-to-one students to try out the effect of the course, mainly hoping that eventually it can be turned into a book that can benefit most people.In the past year, I have basically done the zero-basis part, and now I am introducing some interesting exercises, hoping to add some more operational content in the learning process.I am busier than when I was in Beijing. In addition, I also offer suggestions to some local information enterprises in the hope of introducing new technologies into the industry, but I also encounter some problems. For example, the new technologies are in English.Many projects are one-off, and the requirements are always revised, so it is difficult for technical improvements to directly accelerate the development schedule.It is difficult for me to do anything for the information technology industry in my hometown.In this respect, I also hope that as the economic development of Shanxi side, the problem of software industry can be easily solved.Looking back on 2021, THE happiest thing is the students’ recognition of me. The only sad thing is that I am busier than I was in Beijing. It is really very hard to forget food and sleep every day for the work of informatics.In 2022 I hope to make some finished courses and take it easy.I hope the epidemic will pass as soon as possible, and in the New Year, everyone can get closer to their dreams.Source: Jiu Pai news reporter Qin Yuyu