Rain and snow weather coming, weekend “cold ha ha” it

2022-05-10 0 By

Public travel attention to cold and warm report (reporter Li Xin) these days the temperature suddenly cold so that people do not stretch out.Yesterday’s snowfall did not end, and there will be rain and snow in our city today.According to the city meteorological Bureau forecast, today our city cloudy day to sleet or light snow, southeast wind level 2, temperature -6 ~ 2℃;From the night of 18th to the day of 19th, light snow turned cloudy, northwest wind level 3 to 4, temperature -4 ℃;From the night of 19th to the day of 20th, it will be sunny, the northwest wind will be level 3 to level 4, and the temperature will be -6 ~ 3℃.Meteorological experts remind that the temperature continues to be low, the public travel needs to do a good job of cold and warm work, especially the weak people to prevent colds and other respiratory diseases, do a good job of health protection.As rain and snow are coming, the public should pay attention to the adverse impact on traffic caused by wet roads, ice, snow and low visibility.