Platinum writer Da Yan’s new work “The Restoration” online more than a month, low popularity, has long fallen!

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Speak of platinum writer striking, believe a lot of readers will not be unfamiliar, as appraisal treasure, the network writer of the hall level of geomantic kind, he has been having superhigh popularity.Seal god for “golden pupil” is to push him to the peak!The novel not only became the first online literature works of antiques antiques, but also was adapted into a TV series, which has a wide influence in the history of the development of online literature!And attracted a large number of followers!Set off a climax of antique novels!Later, He published online novels such as “Genius”, “Treasure Mirror” and “God · Tibet”, which further consolidated his popularity and stabilized his status as a platinum writer, causing great attention!However the likelihood was tired of appraisal treasure, geomantic kind subject matter hit an eye chose transformation fairy chivalric novel, rolled out the word number is as high as 9 million words “fairy palace”, thought that still can climb peak again.Unfortunately, The success of The novel was not very good, so that for a long time, many readers thought that The novel had stopped writing, after all, he did not appear in the major lists.After spending such a long time to get such a result, it is a failure of transformation!And this also led to his popularity lower step by step, “Asgard” is also the heart of the work, but the helpless acclimation, can not lead to the reader’s interest!After the end of Asgard, he returned to the subject matter he is good at again, bringing the latest work the Repairman, want to turn over and restore popularity again!Now “The Restoration” online for more than a month, the results can be called very attack street, updated more than 240,000 words, only more than 40,000 recommendations, even the same period of some popular novels are less than a fraction!As once the most popular platinum writer’s works, such results really let a person be silent, not the strength of the eye is not good, but now the wind direction of the net has changed, like the eye this kind of old platinum writers many have long fallen, as strong as love diving toad new book results are very rush street.Do not know how do you feel in the heart?The popularity from the peak to the downturn, should not be bad, you think?