Guoan family can have happiness!Ukrainian beauty becomes guangzhou daughter-in-law, not rich but married to love

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“I’m scared to watch the news. It’s all about my country at war with Russia.I call my parents every day, but sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.I am very glad, my parents are also very glad, I married to China Guangzhou three years, here is very safe, the country is safe, the family will have a happy life!”Nana is a Ukrainian beauty with a height of 1.77 meters. In 2018, she married a boy from Guangzhou who is 4 years younger than her and became a Chinese.Nana came to China to work alone after finishing her master’s degree in Ukraine.Unexpectedly, at the suggestion of a friend, she became a lifelong lover in China. She married a poor boy from the countryside of Guangzhou and got married.The husband got married with no house, no car, no savings and no proper wedding.However, my husband and his family took good care of Nana, so that I got love far beyond material things in this transnational marriage.Nana was born in 1990 in a Ukrainian village, one of four older brothers.There is only one girl in the family. Her family dotes on her and she has a lively personality.Nana is independent and self-disciplined and has always done well in her studies.She has her own ideas. Her major in college was chosen by herself, and her family always supported her decision.Nana finished her master’s degree in 2016, but failed to find a job that suited her.Her father was working double jobs to support the family.Nana graduated, but can not help parents to share, the heart is very anxious.At this time, one of her friends working in Tianjin, China, told her that she could earn more than 7,000 yuan a month working in Tianjin, and there was still a lot of room for development.Nana was so inspired that she decided to explore China.Her friend suggested nana dance at a scenic spot in Tianjin. She handed over nana’s resume and was soon hired.The parents did not want their baby daughter to work alone in a foreign country, but at Nana’s insistence, they compromised with tears in their eyes.After the plane took off, looking at the distant hometown, overlooking the strange scenery below the plane.Nana’s nose was sour and she did not know when she would be reunited with her parents again.When the plane arrived in Tianjin and stepped out of the airport hall, Nana was surprised: she had never seen so many people, but in good order.She had the impression that Chinese people were small, but that was not the case. Many girls were taller than her.To tianjin amusement company, dormitory is 6 people a room, bunk.Her boss and interpreter gave her a cell phone, gave her acclimatization medication and taught her how to take a bus.Everyone was concerned about Nana, who had come from afar, and she was happy to work.When SHE arrived in Tianjin in February 2002, she did not like shopping after work because of her poor language skills.As soon as I have time, I will video with my parents and tell them my experience and experience, but it is good news, not bad news, so that they will not worry about.A month later, when she got her salary, nana felt that the air was sweet. She hurried to the bank to remit some money to her parents, but she did not know how to remit it. After three repeated operations, she finally transferred the money.When the parents received the money, they were very happy, but they were also worried about their daughter’s living expenses. Nana felt very proud at that time, she was able to share the burden of the family.Every few months, her parents would send over delicacies from her hometown, including sausages, dumplings, red wine and honey, so that she could taste the flavor of her hometown even in her foreign country.The Internet life in China is very convenient, and many daily problems can be solved by mobile software.But in Ukraine, people use a lot of software to switch.What surprised Nana most was that even the elderly had their own smart phones and could surf the Internet!Nana soon fell in love with the city, not only because of its local customs, but also because of its services, which always made people feel happy and free.The library, for example, is quiet and elegant, with sofas, chairs and tables where people can read books and children can do their homework, something that is not available in Ukraine.Because nana was older, her parents were worried about her marriage, but the beautiful Nana just couldn’t find the right man.Nana didn’t know the Chinese saying: “A thousand miles of marriage make a thread.”It turned out that her marriage was waiting for her far away in Guangzhou.In 2018, Nana came to work at a zoo in Guangzhou and met a male host.He looked older, in his mid-thirties.One day, a girl came up to Nana and asked for her wechat number. Nana wrote it down on a piece of paper and handed it to her.The next day, someone asked to add friends, Nana a look, the original is that host, he called small black.After I friended him, he left the company and didn’t see him again for a long time.At a colleague’s party, an interpreter asked Nana, “Do you know Xiao Hei?He studies English every day to talk to you.”Nana was surprised. “Because I’m going to learn English?”In a strange place, a man did a thing for himself that touched her very much.She summoned up her courage and sent a short message to little Black hair, who quickly replied and said he was still single!They have kept in touch ever since.Xiao Hei is 1.8 meters tall, from rural Guangdong province. He graduated from university in 2016 and looks a bit old, but he is four years younger than Nana.They walk together, watch movies together, eat together.Xiao Hei is learning English with increasing enthusiasm and will study for at least one hour a day.After a period of getting along, On Valentine’s Day, Xiao Hei invites Nana to have dinner at the Revolving restaurant, which is very romantic.After dinner, we went shopping as usual, but hei always looked at Nana about to speak, but stopped, as if there was something to say.He held his breath for a long time, then blurted out, “I’m Nervous…”He spoke so stiffly that Nana laughed, and everyone around him laughed too.”I LOVE YOU!”Blackface gave a loud cry.Nana was startled, and people passing by looked at them in bewilderment.Originally, xiao Hei’s confession should be: I like you!A few days later, Hei wrote a letter to Nana. It was a letter of love.Nana blushed and her heart beat.Nana later learned that he had paid 200 yuan for the translation of the letter on the Internet. Nana was so touched that she agreed to stay with him.Little Black took Nana back to his hometown.According to Ukrainian custom, when Nana met Hei’s mother, she hugged each other tightly.Her mother was taken aback and handed nana a red envelope, but nana was so upset that she almost burst into tears on the spot.In Ukraine, men bring their girlfriends to their parents, and if the parents don’t like it, they pay the girl to break up with their son.Xiao Hei knew what she was thinking and hurriedly told her that giving red envelopes in China is a kind of affection of the elder to the younger.Xiao Hei is very tolerant and considerate to Nana. Due to the differences in customs, we sometimes have some jokes.For example, 666 is a symbol of evil and dark magic in Ukraine, but in China, it means “special ox”.Shopping in supermarkets in Ukraine, not in the habit of changing change;Most Ukrainian girls don’t go out to take out the garbage without dressing nicely.Together for a long time, Nana slowly integrated into the Chinese life, and their relationship soon warmed up.One night nana, blindfolded by Blackie, led me to his pre-arranged marriage proposal, got down on one knee and proposed to her.Nana was very nervous because they had only been dating for half a year.If Nana agreed to marry far away, it would mean that she would not be able to communicate with her parents, relatives and friends often.But after a few months of contact, Nana has fallen in love with Xiao Hei, and she does not want to miss the fate.Nana opened her arms to Hei and they embraced.Hei made a heart with candles, held a bouquet of flowers, and slipped a ring on Nana’s finger.People passing by have taken pictures of the romantic moment with their mobile phones and sent good wishes to witness the transnational couple’s love.Soon they got married and settled down in Guangzhou.In Ukraine, when a woman marries her husband, she changes her husband’s name, but Hei refuses to change nana’s.Nana was frightened: did little Black want me?She was relieved when Hei explained the customs here and told her that it would be troublesome to change all the information if Nana changed her name in China.04In March 2019, the couple received their marriage certificate.After obtaining the certificate, Nana called her parents to tell them. They were surprised and did not expect things to happen so quickly, but they accepted it happily.When they got married, they had no house, no car, no savings, no bride price or even the most basic wedding photos.But Nana does not care, she is grateful to God to arrange small black to come into her life, she believes that she has found a perfect husband.They rented a house in the village in the city, and when they first moved nana saw that all the houses were identical, and she could not find her own home.Fortunately, the neighbors in the village were very friendly to Nana, and she soon became one of them.Because of the epidemic, Nana was afraid that she would be misunderstood as a foreigner, so she stayed at home and did not dare to go out. The village committee and the police came to her and said, “Everyone is law-abiding, we will not be biased against you, so don’t worry.”After moving to her new home, many neighbors came to help, and the village committee arranged for nana to have a free prenatal checkup.Since their marriage, they have spent most of their time communicating in English.Little Black Russian is not very good, Nana learning Chinese not good intonation, she does not understand cantonese at all.When Hei was angry, he spoke Cantonese, and when Nana was angry, she spoke Ukrainian.Neither of us knew what the other was talking about, which prevented a fight.Before she came to China, Nana thought that Chinese people could only use chopsticks and eat rice and noodles.But after making her home in Guangzhou, she realized that there were so many different kinds of Chinese food, and it was delicious.Once, Hei bought several black eggs that looked like dinosaurs. When they were opened, they smelled bad.Nana tasted a little and almost vomited. She brushed her teeth and gargled.However, after xiao Hei’s cooking, taste especially fragrant, Nana often sigh: Chinese cooking is really great.Hei once asked Nana curiously that there was a traditional Chinese view of women in the neighboring countries of Russia that when they got married they would be able to eat a lot and then become as fat as a tank, so nana kicked him out of the way.Nana’s own experience proves that this view is biased.She has a sweet tooth, but she also enjoys exercising and shopping all day without feeling tired.Nana never worries about her weight, she likes eating Guangzhou food, but she still maintains a very good figure.After marrying Xiao Hei, Nana felt that Chinese people were especially family-oriented.Xiao Hei for this family, every day busy, trying to earn money to support the family, which makes her very moved.Xiao Hei in order to let Nana live a good life, but also part-time delivery, he always likes to pick up the distance of the order, so that you can earn more money, but he was more hard.After delivering food once with a small black belt, Nana stopped using cosmetics and only bought clothes and shoes for less than 50 yuan.05 black know Nana love to eat ice cream, take her to buy Haagen-Dazs, Nana see the price, the whole person was shocked: very expensive ah!She picked up hei and went back, but after much persuasion, Nana finally agreed to buy one, and they shared the sweet ice cream, which she said was the sweetest taste of her life, the shape of her sweet marriage.Nana did not work for some time, but she was still full of hope for life, and she would do what she could to help the weak animals.One morning nana found a newborn kitten downstairs and took it home.The little gangster washed himself, but he refused to eat, and Nana was so worried that she cried.They took the cat to an animal hospital, where the doctor diagnosed it and prescribed medicine.It is now the fourth stray cat nana has adopted.After living in China for some time, Nana has a deeper understanding of Chinese culture, especially the charm of Hanfu.She yearned for Hanfu so much that she decided to go to a hanfu experience shop.On entering the shop, the shopkeeper picked out a Hanfu for her.When I walked in the streets and parks wearing a han costume, many tourists and children came up to greet her and take photos with her, saying that she was very beautiful.In China, nana felt most painful than missing her hometown and family during the festival.In Ukraine’s St. Nicholas Festival, small black to Nana made a Christmas tree on the head of the bed, but also bought a box of chocolate, two people sitting on the ground, wish distant relatives like a Christmas tree long life.To cut costs, nana told Hei on her birthday that she could not give gifts or celebrate.But Hei secretly bought her a cake, nana’s good friends from home also sent flowers, wine, honey, baked sausage…This made Nana feel that she not only had a good family, a good husband, but also a large group of good friends who were cherished even though they were far away.Nana is very glad, chance coincidence came down to the mysterious China, fell in love with Guangzhou, met a lifelong boy, he gave Nana endless love.Despite her hard life, she was loved and loved by many people, and she felt happy and happy.She also hoped that Ukraine, her hometown, could soon get out of the suffering of ignition, and her relatives and friends could live a happy life in a peaceful and friendly environment like herself.