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“It has been four days and the logistics has not been updated.””It’s been 6 days, and it’s still in the transit center.””The express did deliver the goods, but it has to be collected until the seventh day?”On the eve of the Spring Festival, Zto Express (02057.HK;, STO Express (002468.SZ), Yunda Shares (002120.SZ), Deppon Express (603056.To meet the needs of delivery during the festival, to ensure the smooth transport of epidemic prevention and people’s livelihood materials.However, The Red Star Capital Bureau noticed that during the Spring Festival, many consumers complained online that their packages had been shown to have been sent before the Spring Festival, but they did not receive the packages as the Spring Festival was almost over. They expressed frustration and asked whether the “Spring Festival does not close” was just a slogan.A total of 749 million express parcels were received and delivered during this year’s Spring Festival, up 16% from the same period last year, according to data from the State Post Bureau.Behind these figures, express delivery companies that do not close during the Spring Festival and the hard dedication of front-line express workers still meet the needs of citizens during the holiday.Red Star Capital bureau noted that on the eve of the Spring Festival, Zhongtong Express, SHentong Express, Yunda Shares, Debang Express, JINGdong Logistics, Rabbit express and many other express companies have issued announcements announcing that “The Spring Festival is not closed”.Sf Holding also announced a bonus of 500 million yuan for employees who do not close their doors, while SF Express president Wang Wei gave 25 million yuan in red envelopes to couriers who insisted on working during the Spring Festival.The State Post Bureau (SPB) has stressed that enterprises should make delivery service plans in advance to ensure that they “don’t stop online, don’t refuse to receive, and don’t overstock” during the Spring Festival.Since then, more and more express delivery companies have joined the “Spring Festival not closed” team.It is reported that the Spring Festival holiday in 2021, is the first time that a number of express delivery enterprises collective large-scale “not closed”, in the country to carry out normal canvassing.The 2022 Spring Festival will be the second year for the express delivery industry to open the Spring Festival.Customer feedback: The Courier station closed and the customer service could not be reached on the fourth day of the Lunar New Year (January 4, 2022). A Courier of JINGdong Logistics told The Red Star Capital Bureau that during the Spring Festival, he still insisted on delivering packages every day, which had been several years since he had worked overtime during the Spring Festival.As the first logistics enterprise in the industry to carry out “Spring Festival delivery”, JINGdong Logistics began Spring Festival delivery in 2013, on December 27, 2021, jingdong Logistics officially announced that the 2022 Spring Festival will be the tenth consecutive “Spring Festival delivery”.Red Star Capital bureau noticed that many Courier stations in cities have closed their doors, even though Courier companies have issued the banner of “Not closing for the Spring Festival”.On weekdays, the Courier can put the Courier in the post station near the community for consumers to pick up.However, during the Spring Festival, Courier stations in many cities are closed, so they have to make phone calls from door to door to personally deliver packages to consumers.Mr. Wang in the afternoon of January 31, received their own community downstairs Yunda supermarket Courier message: “The Spring Festival holiday, eighth day to pick up goods at the Courier station.In theory, consumers are the ultimate beneficiaries of “No Closing for Spring Festival”.However, many consumers have complained online that the “open shop” stores have bought New Year gifts, but the New Year is over and the delivery has not yet arrived.”It has been 4 days, but the logistics has not been updated”, “it has been 6 days, but it has not been sent from the transfer center”, “The express has indeed been delivered, but it has to be received until the seventh day?”On the Internet, many consumers have been exposed to their logistics information.The Red Star Capital Bureau noticed that the delivery information of several express delivery companies that had declared closed delivery had been transferred after placing orders on January 30 and had not been delivered to consumers until February 6.In this regard, some consumers questioned: “Does the Spring Festival does not close the meaning is as usual delivery, but not to collect pieces, send pieces regardless?”More consumers believe that since the official announcement of no closing, they want the service to be in place, since there is no guarantee of delivery, it is better to close generously and let the employees have a good year.Fewer parcels are expected to be delivered during the Spring Festival than usual.But even with fewer packages, many consumers reported slower deliveries than usual.”Logistics, after all, involves e-commerce, warehouses, Courier stations and other links.If the warehouse is closed, the staff is halved and the delivery time is delayed.”Jingdong Courier explained to the Red Star Capital Bureau.Referring to the phenomenon of consumer reflection, zhongtong Express related person in charge of red Star Capital bureau said: under the call of “express not closed”, the volume of goods during the Spring Festival this year is more than the same period last year.At the same time, during the Spring Festival, the post station is closed, resulting in delivery difficulties at the end of the Courier, express delivery can not be sent out, and some Spring Festival traffic control, road closure will lead to reduced timeliness.In fact, traditional logistics is a labor-intensive industry that relies heavily on labor.Red Star Capital bureau learned that in the case of corporate headquarters call not to close, there are outlets express not positive response.A Courier at a branch of Debang In Shanghai told Redstar capital bureau that the company’s older employees, in particular, were reluctant to work overtime during the Spring Festival.”The overtime payment promised by our company during Spring Festival is just a ‘blank check’ for our employees and we don’t know if they can be paid.In addition, couriers usually work very hard, and many families are away from home, so they don’t want to work overtime during the Spring Festival.”He revealed that his network, in the company’s “express not closed” call, the network has been difficult to recruit during the Spring Festival.Wang Chikun, a researcher at Beijing Read Read Research Institute, said in an interview with The Red Star Capital Bureau that the express delivery industry generally adopted the franchise model, with warehousing, sorting and the last mile of distribution. Each link may be contracted to partners, and these contractors may subcontract again, layer upon layer.”If the express company has no binding force on the employees in these links, it loses control over the last mile, and the employees are unwilling to work overtime in some links, the whole link will be broken.”Red Star news reporter Yu Yao Shen Mengyun editor Yu Dongmei (download red star news, report awards!