Career just deng Lun, studio micro blog was sealed, profile write a good life, serious shooting

2022-05-10 0 By

Not long ago, netizens discovered that Deng’s studio had been closed, as had his account on a video platform.It is reported that the company under his name is making an inventory, it seems that after the comeback is hopeless, before who can think of him is such a person, the surface does not have a clue.He had been warned to pay back the taxes he owed, but he still did nothing, which only exposed the matter and even doubled the punishment.From this point we can see that everyone is equal before the law.After the revelation of his tax evasion, many of his online fans were shocked and did not expect such a thing to happen.Everyone had been waiting for his new work, new variety, now it seems that it will not be aired.Even his previous films and TV works will be removed, which is also the most concerned issue of the audience. His previous films and TV works have very good results, and have been praised by netizens, so many netizens are alarmed by the possible removal.In the eyes of many netizens, he has been relatively excellent, and he is also very reasonable in his speech. If he had not been exposed, no one would believe him.He is also a famous actor in Hebei province, hebei is not a province that produces many artists, so it is not easy for him to get to this stage today, but also after a long time of efforts.But even if he had before how much fame, acting are how good, but also all in vain, it is difficult to have a comeback day.There have been plenty of artists who have made all sorts of mistakes, most of which have never been forgiven.Among them, Fan Bingbing is relatively early, but also because of the same problem was punished, her name we have heard, many net friends are even her fans.Some time after the incident, she also tried to participate in some works, although the shooting was completed, but there was no chance to broadcast.And now because of the strict investigation, the accident of more and more artists, she is not so easy to come back.Deng Played many small roles, step by step to today’s position.After he became popular, everyone knew that he had played many roles. At that time, he appeared in all the popular TV shows that we could see, but we didn’t know him.He also performed well in variety shows and participated in many variety shows.Of the two programs he participated in, “Detective” and “Escape Room” are the most popular among netizens. “Detective” has even been broadcast and netizens are very fond of it. But after this incident, will it be removed?I mean, the account’s already closed, so the show can’t be too far away.He also has more than 40 million followers on social media, and his profile reads “Be a good person and act seriously”. He changed his profile in 2012, which shows that he really likes acting.Maybe the entertainment circle is too chaotic, no matter how people will be eroded by the dye VAT, even if the artist with a pure heart at the beginning, will be changed.But no matter how can say, or hope he can pay fines, do their own introduction, no longer touch the bottom line of the law.(Photo from Internet)