News | Zhang Di fang to experimental primary school and experimental soongsil joint inspection of school work

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(experiment elementary school correspondent hui ping, soongsil correspondent joint high school Lu Yi) reopen, February 14th afternoon, deputy prefects Zhang Di led area education work of the party committee secretary fang Lu Qin, district education bureau, deputy director of deputy mayor zhou, the occurrence of the town SheJieQiong until experiment elementary school, soongsil, check the joint school, to guide the school campus epidemic prevention and control and the preparations for the school.Secretary and principal of Experimental Primary School and Experimental chongshi Joint Middle School accompanied the inspection.In the experimental primary school, Zhang Difang first checked the safe passage at the school gate, temporary observation area, temperature measurement facilities, etc., entered the classroom to check the preparation of epidemic prevention materials, and inquired about the school’s epidemic prevention preparations.Xi ‘an, the principal of Experimental Primary School, reported on quarantine preparations for the opening of the school.Accompanied by members of the school team, Zhang Difang inspected the complex building, the school canteen, underground parking lot, swimming pool, small theater, gymnasium and special classrooms.When inspecting the gymnasium swimming pool, she asked Zhou Ying about the opening and layout of swimming courses in the whole district.During the inspection, Zhang Difang expressed satisfaction with the orderly preparation for the opening of the school and appreciated the construction of “one museum and one pool”.In Experimental Chongshi United Middle School, Zhang Difang and her party entered the campus through the infrared temperature measurement channel, focusing on the observation room, student canteen and other key areas and the campus environment, and inquired about the school characteristics, epidemic prevention and control, food safety, school preparation and after-school services.Principal Chen Lin gave a detailed report on the preparation for the opening of Experimental chongshi United Middle School.Zhang Difang pointed out that in the context of epidemic prevention and control, schools should always pay attention to small details and safety, build a solid defense line of teachers and students’ health and safety, greet the new semester with high spirits, and promote the diversified growth of students with abundant education and teaching activities.In the inspection, Zhang Di Fang on the district school work requirements.She stressed that the district education bureau and schools should continue to strengthen epidemic prevention and control, food safety management, fire equipment safety management;After school, we should update the cultural layout in time. The cultural atmosphere should keep up with current events and keep up with The Times to create a good educational atmosphere.School greening should be delicate, so as to create a good atmosphere for teachers and students to work and study.There is a long way to go in the prevention and control of the epidemic.Under the correct leadership of the District Party Committee and the district government and the care and guidance of all departments, the schools in the district will focus on the prevention and control of the epidemic on campus, scientific and precise prevention and control, seriously responsible for the work of school opening, based on the new growth education, create a safe and comfortable learning and working environment, and strive to run education that the people are satisfied with.Contributed by Yang Junting, Experimental Primary School and Experimental · Chongshi United Middle SchoolFengxian Education hotline working days 8:30 — 11:00 and 14:00 — 17:00021-67137151Enrollment examination hotline working days 8:30 — 11:00 and 13:00 — 16:30400-920-8761 Family education and adolescent psychological counseling hotline provides 24-hour consulting services.8:00-20:00 (click to view details) fengxian education weibo ID: Shanghai fengxian education