One Piece: Three Kings have been stabbed through!A black beard means a shiver

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Four huangda was stabbed by Luo, will bid farewell to the stage of the war # One Piece king # Four huangda is the most powerful and status of the legendary pirate in the world of one Piece King, with the update of the latest plot, we found that the four huangda after white beard daddy died in battle, it seems to also usher in defeat.Dama’s defeat makes many Haimi feel surprised, and at the same time lamentable that Kidd and Luo’s fighting ability to improve so fast, incredibly can pull down a four emperor, it can be seen that two people have been “emperor goalkeeper”.In the battle with dama, Luo’s “long sword” penetrated dama’s body, which shocked countless Haimi.Because Luo’s sword can not only inflict penetrating damage, but also destroy dama’s internal organs with the fruit power, even if Dama is called “steel balloon”, it may not be able to withstand Luo’s attack.However, in addition to dama, the other four emperors also had the experience of being “stabbed”. Here is a brief review with me.White beard was “son” sword pierced first say is also from war “scene” sword “son”, who’s play by the red dog, hands with a sword, Pierce the white beard torre’s body, this sword, although there is no ROM high damage, but also directly affect the combat effectiveness in white beard in war, can be said to be a critical strike.In today’s “Fairy fight” scenario, Scouard is only an ordinary fighting power, but his sword is so classic that Hymie calls his famous scene of piercing his white beard “filial son sword”.In a sense, Scouard was one of the few who could Pierce the four sovereigns.It is worth mentioning that in the list of “piercing the four Kings”, Scouard is the only person who accidentally wounded his own four Kings.Kaito’s white beard was pierced by sauron, Oda, and The Nine by friendly forces, while Kaito was literally pierced by enemies, not one, but multiple.From the war twenty years ago, to the ghost Island war, Kaido suffered countless injuries.Swords like Mitsuki Oda, Nine, and Sauron Pierce the legendary four emperors.On the other hand, even though Kaido gets stabbed the most times, he is still very powerful because of his resilience and he is not defeated by these moves.Moreover, kaido’s stab damage is not as high as aunt And white beard, so Kaido is still active in the battlefield.But the ghost island war to Kaido don’t have much time, the alliance of the four emperor aunt has been kidd, Luo defeated, his men were almost caught, do not know Kaido can insist on a few words!Of the four Kings, Aunt, White Beard, and Kaido have all been stabbed, and the remaining redhead and Blackbeard wonder if they will have the same experience in the future.Compared with red hair, however, many fans think black mustache stabbed in risk bigger, after all, as one of the few “villain” story, black Hu Zituan and Star Wars is sooner or later, coupled with the black beard, my personality is much less than the red hair so black beard may in the future will be like Boyle, kay, “Pierce” by the enemy.As for red hair, I don’t know whether Oda teacher let him cooperate with the straw hat group or become the enemy, it is estimated that he should be the only one of the four emperors not “stabbed” the pirate bar.