Offer to celebrate coach’s birthday!K-po broke his silence in response to rumors of discord between teachers and students

2022-05-08 0 By

Camila Varieva, 15, remains Mired in a doping scandal, despite expressions of support from many in the sports world, including Tara Lipinski.Lipinski said: “I can’t imagine how hard this has been for Camilla and it makes me angry that the inability of adults to make better decisions, guide and support her has now led her to be the one dealing with the consequences.She’s only 15. It’s not fair.Having said that, she should not be allowed to skate in these Olympics.”The Russian Olympic team has yet to win a team gold medal, and Valieva herself crashed in the free skate, finishing an unexpected fourth overall.Varieva, who has remained silent since the Olympics, broke her silence to send her best wishes to coach Tuttirize on her 48th birthday and to address rumours of a rift between the pair.”You are absolutely good at what you do!You not only help me with my training, but also teach me how to overcome my own difficulties, which is not only good for my sport, but also help me in life.With you by my side, I feel protected and able to overcome any ordeal.Thank you for helping me be strong.””Camila Valieva wrote on her social media page.Valieva also thanked all her supporters via social media: “I want to thank everyone who has been with me during this difficult time: you have been there for me and not discouraged me, sent me so many messages of support, thought for me, prayed for me and always believed in me.Thank you, my fans, family and friends, the coaching staff and the entire Russian Olympic team, my country and people from all over the world.Thank you !!!!I can never thank !!!!I will always remember that, thank you, I skate for you.”