In the workplace, there are three kinds of people who can’t afford to offend

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Xiao Li will graduate from college in a few months and start work.His parents always told him that there was a big difference between entering the workplace and the ivory tower. Interpersonal relationships in the workplace were complicated and there was a lot of cheating and some people really couldn’t be offended.Since he had never done an internship in college, he had a hard time understanding what his parents were saying.Because of the age gap between his parents and me, Relatively speaking, Xiao Li and I have more in common.At a recent dinner, he discussed the matter with me alone, asking for advice.I gave him three examples of people I can’t afford to offend.A villain can not offend the workplace, if there must be a person who had better not offend, then I will choose “villain”.Yes, offended the gentleman frank, but offended the villain I am afraid will get a suit of trouble.For example, in my last company, a new colleague joined the administration department, but after a month, she asked to leave again.As the person in charge of the personnel department, I was very surprised, because this new colleague is very talented and nice, how can he leave suddenly?With doubt and retention mentality, I talked to her.This conversation, the other party will collapse and cry, said that is by the same department of another female colleagues of all kinds of dirty move to squeeze out, because before inadvertently said the wrong thing, accidentally offended the female colleague, this month in the time by all kinds of small shoes, take the blame, let her really unbearable.Although she was satisfied with the job, she “couldn’t afford to offend” such female colleagues.Later, I investigated the situation and verified some of her claims. In order to retain the new employee, I managed to transfer her to another department.In the wake of the incident, the company also launched a cultural purge to promote harmonious relationships and mutual help among co-workers.But I know, the “villain” in the company is very difficult to rely on the purge action “purge” off, encounter villain, offended I am afraid or will encounter trouble.In the workplace, there is a saying that “only small people and leaders can not be offended.”It’s a joke, but I think it makes sense.The analysis of small people has just been illustrated with examples.The problem of offending leaders, I do not need an example, we can be very clear.Leaders, although also need to have tolerance to employees, but in the workplace “leadership”, its pattern, quality is uneven.Some leaders, although high weight, but narrow-minded, essentially and mean people no difference.A leader like this will use his power to bully you if you bump into him, or if something displeases him deeply.We often see such plot in various TV dramas, the consequences of offending the leader is really serious.At the end of last year, I had a friend who not only didn’t get the annual recognition, but was almost fired.The reason is that in the process of dealing with the dispute with the customer, he adopted an improper way of communication, which made the customer very angry and directly complained to the group headquarters.This made the company’s leader extremely dissatisfied, if it was not for his friend’s previous work performance is ok, otherwise he would have to spend the New Year in unemployment.Visible, the customer is God this sentence is not empty, offended customers, is equivalent to offended God in general.Especially as newbies, we have to be careful when it comes to client relationships so that we don’t suffer too much.The last three “can’t afford to offend” types are the most common.I believe that friends have similar experience, we can share, exchange together.