I believe in love

2022-05-08 0 By

You make to your dressing mirror face close your month when I’m away draw you familiar with the love, into the lamp is the most beautiful place hidden my poetry the most desolate place you blink your name picture, like painting a barbed roses debut, as an early sowing and ploughing opened more than meat, lamb’s eyes, bright representative works for milk, like a pack of ten years late gift mud houses,Hurt the bitter for ink black holes have endless snow snow dance led to sing for you in the distance, someone sobbing applause, love enter the spring breeze blew you are casting pearls before swine, I in my hometown in the town of snow lyric you white or not white, only god know me or not, only the earth know you tidings, such as the fouth of flowers on paper I write poetry speaking in my poetry,As the withered thatch bemoaned thy moon in thy garden of song, drunk into my cup thy love, in which precipitated my sun, into thy cup my hate, in which grew inspiration, like the faded rose Close my eyes, and thou smilest open them, and see thy sneer not I love thee, but thou love poetry