Do the lettuce with oyster sauce, do not directly into the pot hot, add two kinds of seasoning in advance and then into the pot, the lettuce is crisp and refreshing

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I have been eating big fish and meat for a long time. I think everyone is tired of green vegetables now. Although the meat is delicious, you will still get bored if you eat too much.Because when people cook this dish, they always boil the lettuce very soft and very rotten, and it’s not beautiful.In fact, there are skills, especially in the preparation of hot lettuce and seasoning, these two steps need to pay more attention to, before the hot lettuce, add two things to the pot, can make the lettuce taste crisp, green color is also.The common way to prepare the lettuce: 2 pieces of lettuce, light soy sauce, oyster sauce, salt, garlic, vegetable oil First step: first of all, we handle the lettuce well, cut off the root of the lettuce, at this time the lettuce will be scattered piece by piece, than we peel a piece of much less trouble.We put the lettuce leaves in a large basin, and then pour water into the lettuce, especially the lettuce gap pay more attention to, this place is prone to residual sand, cleaning is not clean is easy to hurt teeth.After the second step: lettuce clean, put in a basin of water control, taking the advantage of this time, we dish up boil water, in a little more than water pan, then boil the water, water to boil, to join a small spoonful of vegetable oil in the pan and a small spoon of salt, mix evenly, after put the lettuce leaves into the pot, timing for 30 seconds, lettuce leaves very hot after the 30 seconds out immediately.Step 3: After the lettuce leaves are ironed, you can take them out and put them on the plate. Many people also like to take a cold water after ironing. In fact, it depends on your time.Arrange the lettuce leaves evenly in one direction on the plate and proceed to the next step.Step 4:Dish up burning of oil, the oil temperature 8 into a hot, add six garlic mashed garlic, the garlic out fragrance, the fire while the garlic, we continue to add a spoonful of oyster sauce to the pan, two teaspoons of light soy sauce, and the right amount of salt, then add 1 tablespoon of water and a little water starch, mix adequately with a shovel, about 30 seconds later, the prepared material juice uniform pouring on lettuce leaves,This lettuce with oyster sauce is done.The operating point of oyster sauce lettuce: before ironing lettuce, remember to add the vegetable oil and salt in the water, vegetable oil can make lettuce leaves when ironing out, keep green colour and lustre, appetite is more, the addition of salt, can make lettuce more flavor, but also can bring better lettuce crisp taste, the two things, not less.In addition, when making the sauce, add less water starch, not as thick as we usually do sweet and sour sauce, a little bit, otherwise it will make the lettuce leaves attached to the soup, affect the beauty, but also affect the taste.When you cook this dish, just pay attention to these points.The reason why chefs cook delicious food is because they have accumulated a lot of experience, which the rest of us don’t know. I will share with you the details of cooking and the delicious food.