【 Crackdown 】 16 operators of overmanned buses were suspected of dangerous driving

2022-05-08 0 By

At 9:20 on February 6, Jinzhou traffic police Taihe brigade police in Taihe district Fujin line 123 kilometers plus 100 meters patrol, found a car number Liao GE1*** large ordinary bus packed with people, so the police stopped the bus.From the bus windshield under the operating zone identification board, this is a “dagou to Jinzhou” and “Songlinbao to Qilihe” operating bus.During subsequent checks, police found that many passengers did not have seats, but were standing or crowded inside the carriages.After the police scene count the number of people, found that the original nuclear bus carrying 35 people, but full into 51 people, overmanned 16 people.At present, because the car exists serious overmanned behavior, the driver Hu mou has been suspected of dangerous driving crime, the case is being handled.Traffic police remind: passenger car overcrowding will lead to prolonged braking distance in the process of emergency braking, and accidents are more prone to rollover.For passengers who are overloaded, there are also great unsafe factors in the process of vehicle turbulence because they cannot fasten their seat belts.After checking, this bus nuclear load 35 people, real load 51 people, overmanned 16 people.For safety, we do not take full passenger cars, do not let the safety was “crowded” away.