Can mumbai compare with Shanghai in terms of its development

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The foreigner is now India tourism, let’s call him as bald elder brother, the elder brother of the bald is an American, as a tourist, a very early age, he will know that India is a magical place, his American Indian friends, always tell him, this life must travel to India, otherwise will regret it, under the strong amway, finally baldheaded elder brother,India is also listed as a travel destination, and just off the plane, he area, mumbai is India, mumbai is the pride of India, it is India’s ranking of the world’s top tour city, also is India’s most populous state, one of the most abundant city customs, as the population of the world’s seventh largest city, mumbai, always be compared to our Shanghai contrast,Indians are very confident about mumbai’s economic development, and even call Shanghai “The Little Mumbai of China”. Why do Indians have such a big tone? Today, we will follow the steps of bareheaded brother and go to see how Mumbai is developing.Now baldheaded, elder brother and friends are walking in a mall in mumbai, can see, there are many stalls types varied, almost anything you can get it, mumbai is a wonderful city, has a 30 floors in a high-rise building, there are similar in this way, relatively ground civilian village, the houses, it s have been a little long,But it didn’t get it, lose all, but rather because of low prices, making it a very important local market, attract a large number of people in India stay here, a lot of shops here, and geared to the needs of all sectors, there are a lot of local temple, if want to have such a family, you can buy some bye items, want to buy beautiful clothes,Streets have clothing vendors, and even some residential building Windows on the second floor also has to show, show this kind of clothes do, called saris, is a traditional Indian women’s clothing, its position, as the Chinese women to the hanfu, Japanese women are to the kimono, south Korean women are to the hanbok, Vietnamese women are to the wear and so on, you can see on the street,There are a lot of women are wearing this dress, in addition, there are all kinds of food, to see so many shops, bald elder brother a little excited, let he also has some don’t know why, although the mall is more primitive, but the elder brother of the bald is quite like this kind of atmosphere, he said that in the United States, the mall is impersonal, means nothing,He doesn’t usually go shopping, but if it were here, he wouldn’t have a problem coming every day.But there isn’t any problem, compared to the open road, mumbai’s roads is really a long story, there is no reasonable planning, it is easy to cause congestion, in addition, there is also no obvious signs, road is also not too good looking for, so bald elder brother to me to sell, are more likely to actually,Although it is called the chaos of mumbai is India’s best city economic development, but here, there is a strong gap between the rich and the poor, mumbai city circle, is the world’s eighth metropolitan area, second only to Shanghai, we ranked third ranked fifth in guangzhou, and Beijing ranked seventh, if from the point of urban form,Mumbai is not inferior to any of our first-tier cities. However, although Mumbai is the financial and commercial capital of India, it is also the capital of the poor in India. There are super mansions with market value of 1.5 billion DOLLARS of India’s richest man and Dharavi of millions of poor people.Another characteristic of Indians is their obsession with religion. The bald man found a picture of Gandhi and found that Indians now deify Gandhi, which made him very interesting, because he had seen so many gods in India.Baldheaded tasks for the elder brother and friends, today is ready to here to look for a hotel, but they are not looking very well, in mumbai, commercial street, everything in it is the hotel is not much, probably no one thought that, this kind of common commercial street will be a tourist, bald brother gone so long, always didn’t see the one, he can only hope that ask the locals,Here but not many people know English, especially the old man, it makes them feel communication difficulties, continue to visit mumbai streets, if the objective, the development of mumbai is not our Shanghai, not only Shanghai, mumbai, if don’t look at the economic dimension, only to see the city planning and design, probably similar to our second-tier cities,Old city is one of the major problems of mumbai, but mumbai is not destroyed, the old city is difficult to transform, they actively open up magnificent desolation, expansion and improve the urban functions, at the same time you look at this picture, now is promoting the mumbai police, mumbai’s security is relatively good, need a lot of police on the streets, the crime is relatively small,Police and actively set up local women, a good start for other Indian cities, the role of women police officers, to help women in India and better solve difficult, after all is said, only women know best woman, objectively speaking, mumbai for the protection of women actually is good, easily violated in some areas, such as the subway train, has set up a female.Walked on, the elder brother of the bald again found, belonging to India’s characteristic culture, almost no country in the world, can be more than the indians believe in god, just the Hindu culture, bald elder brother also don’t understand things, that’s why India will be so many, and mumbai is an international metropolis, so not only Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, etc.,With its diverse cultures and religions, if there is one thing that can be said about Mumbai, it would be that it is a great melting pot.Away for so long, to the depths of the alley, bald elder brother and friends, finally found a hotel, this made him very touched, objective Mumbai hotel is this really very good, may be because the foreign tourists are many, decorate a style, here will be more modern, of course the price is not cheap, fully need $27,The equivalent of a 170 dollars, take a look at this hotel decoration, in fact is quite complete, a big bed A small toilet, however the elder brother of the bald is not satisfied with, he shook his head, but both of them, had gone so a large section of the road, and also to find a hotel, also do not have what energy, so in the end, they decided to stay at night,I wonder if that’s a good price.Actually let baldheaded brother feel most disgruntled, here is the bathroom, he was silent for the bathroom shower head, this is to make him a foot to take a bath in the toilet, second, there is no paper, do you see this pipe by the side of the toilet, this is the way of Indian toilet, say more useless, the night is already deep, don’t know, after watching it all the way, do you think of the development of mumbai,Can it compare with Shanghai in China?