Tong Liya Wu Yue white guest starred in the suspense drama “Double Food” shooting story novel people look forward to

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The mutual antagonism of food is a common food culture in our life.The wrong combination of foods can affect not only our absorption of nutrients, but also our health!But this kind of common food culture in our life, switch to the film and television works is creepy, shivers down the spine!It is no longer just a food culture with ingredients, but also a weapon to hurt people!In 2008, director Zhao Tianyu directed a love suspense film about food complementing each other. Because of the rare subject matter, novel plot, coupled with the accumulation of suspense elements, the strength of the actors, this film has a good heat and reputation as soon as it was released!It tells the story of a successful man who walks between two women. He thinks he has managed to keep one woman from knowing the other’s existence, and they both love him more than they can say.But suddenly one day, he found his hair, eyebrows began to fall out, male function is also declining.Let him into a panic, and at this moment two women began a new battle of the story.Wu Zhenyu, Yu Nan, Jiang Yiyan and others in the film’s excellent acting is not only impressive, even a little shiver!”Two Eats” is not a horror film, but after watching more than a horror film thriller, let a person can not help but feel a depressive, full of energy.Now, after a 14-year hiatus, two Eaters is getting a remake, but this time it’s not a movie. It’s a 24-episode romance thriller.Drama version of the “Double Food” in the direction of the film and television version of the “double Food” level of the flower Qing director complete.In 2021, he joined hands with director Wang Xiaoshuai to direct The Octagonal Pavilion Mystery, although the praise is polarized, but generally good!And 2009 broadcast by hua Qing director independent director of the film and television drama “My brother called Smooth”, is also a very popular excellent work, I believe that can direct such a work of the director, must have certain directing skills.This shows that “Double Food” should also be a series worth looking forward to!In the choice of actors is played by Tong Liya heroine Tong Liya’s acting, although can not be compared with the cutting-edge actors, but in a number of small, small flower is still excellent.But the cast of the movie version of “Double Food” is too tough, especially yu Nan, who plays the female lead, is nominated from hundred Flower Awards, golden rooster Awards, golden Bear Awards, golden Deer awards and so on!Whether the killing, partner Huang Bo play horse widow or partner yihong duan play “bomber” hot, sentient beings have righteousness, xiao hong and partner she starred in “the night is hot” for his life is full of doubt, to the opposite sex friend/police for help mustard were more than male shaping up very real and natural,In the industry, Yu is not only a top actor in acting.And in the face of such super strength of yu Nan, do not say the word of mouth of the work only said that tong Liya and beyond the former, shaping the classic?Make peach personally think it is very difficult, but I believe in tong Liya’s interpretation should not be too cross!In the drama version of the female two choice than the film version of the “double Food” more amazing drama version of the female two is played by the strength of the bone class actor Wu Yue wu Yue acting can be absolutely regarded as acting is the cutting edge of the strength of actors.Whether in the movie the young you played a bit of a muddle, and don’t even know it wit andpassion irresponsible mother Zhou Lei still plays the anti-triad storm just clean and is helpless to becoming a evil umbrella He Yun and played in the first half of my annoying teeth itch LingLing and so on, for all to see the wu yue superb acting.The film version plays the female two is played by the strength of the actress Jiang Yiyan Jiang Yiyan although since the debut of negative news, but her acting is still some amazing.Whether it is partner Duan Yihong in the “Blizzard” is used by the loved one to despair of the prostitute swallow or the “four Famous Capture 3” in the appearance of abnormal, and understand the magic of the magic ji Yaohua were jiang Yiyan presented incisively and vividly.But jiang Yiyan although has good acting skills, but compared to play bone level actor Wu Yue, there is still a gap, obviously in the film version and drama version of the “double Food” in the female version of the choice on the drama version better!In the choice of male film version is played by the strength of actor Wu Zhenyu, drama version is played by the white guest is an experienced old actor, one is acting school actor up-and-comer, in any case will be very brilliant!After all, when Bai Ke plays the villain, he is always so well-dressed and elegant, which makes people aftertaste and has his own characteristics and style.I believe that the white guest actor Chen Jiaqiao will bring new surprise for everyone!If the cast on the film version, drama version of casting is a tie, it is definitely more dominant in the scriptwriter version of the original story “Double Eat” film director Zhao Tianyu, according to the strength of the scriptwriter wang to complete the drama!Wang as the film Huang Bo, Rong Xiang lead starring “crazy racing” Zhao Benshan, Guo Degang lead starring “fallen Leaves return to the root” and film and television drama Li Shaohong directed the classic drama “Daming Palace words”, “orange red” and so on, many classic works of scriptwriter natural deep foundation!But now the script has been perfected by Zhao Tianyu and Wang.The drama version only needs to be improved on the already excellent script, so the possibility of surpassing the film version is very large!In addition, the playwright of the drama version of Double Food is also a man of great power. In fact, both the suspense drama Skyscraper directed by Chen Zhengdao aired in 2020 and the film Secret Visitor, which led to the two sides of reputation due to the deletion, we can see that the playwright qiao has a great knowledge.We believe that the story of Double Food made by playwright Qiao independently will be very amazing this time!Therefore, the chances of the drama version of “Double Food” surpassing the film version are very high. As long as the actors are not too stretched and the director plays normally, the “Double Food” broadcast must be very amazing!However, although the theme of food is very novel and wonderful, in order to absorb nutrition and diet health must be reasonable collocation, master dietary knowledge!Therefore, goutao would like to recommend a book about food collocation “Double Food”, which tells the story of how many foods are suitable for each other, analyzes the effects of various foods, and the consequences of food collocation. It is very suitable for those who pay attention to food scientific collocation!Now goutao has made a comprehensive analysis of the cast, director and scriptwriter of both the film version and the drama version. Do you think the drama version will surpass the film version?The drama version of “Two Eats” has recently been announced that the filming has been completed, and if the approval goes well, it will soon be available to everyone!So are you looking forward to “Two Eats,” a remake of the same name film about how food hurts people?What do you think of the casting of the two Eats?