The cream of autumn and winter is recommended: whitening water and antioxidant, bringing young and brilliant skin for you

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The cream of autumn and winter recommends: whitening hydrating antioxidant, bring you young and brilliant skin state!Kiehl’s High Moisturizing Face Cream contains ceramide, olive extract squalane, and glacier protective protein. Together, the moisturizing ingredients not only lock in water for a long time, but also repair and strengthen the skin barrier.The quality is light and good absorption, neither oil nor stuffy pox, suitable for dry skin, can be used all the year round.White cream texture, light and easy to push away, moist not sticky, especially easy to be absorbed by the skin, before going to bed at night a thick layer of skin up the next day is moist.It’s really moisturizing on the whole, not only relieving dry skin, but also making it easier to apply makeup later.However, it should be noted that it is not suitable for the skin with thin cuticle and easy sensitivity.The most special part of The Creun cream is the addition of ceramide, which can repair the damaged skin barrier tissue, so as to fight aging and reduce fine lines, but also provide adequate moisture to the skin.No alcohol flavoring, mild and non – stimulating, it is tailored for sensitive muscles.Summer is also suitable for oily mixed skin to replenish water and protect moisture, feel stuffy acne must first emulsify again on the face.It’s very high in moderation, with dry oil, squalane and eucalyptus globules, which are highly moisturizing ingredients to moisturize and not sticky. Apply it to your face for an instant moisturizing finish.Summer is also suitable for oily mixed skin to replenish water and protect moisture, feel stuffy acne must first emulsify again on the face.Hua Yu set rose face cream it is said that a bottle of Hua Yu set rose face cream, equivalent to make up water, emulsion, beauty fluid, mask, cream five effects in one.This Hua Yu Ji Rose Cream has a super hydrating ability, can let our skin bloom from the inside out moist luster.”Steam injection of flower water” was used to produce rose extract containing “rose seed”.It also contains Damascus Rose essential oil, which is great for whitening, hydrating, brightening, very moisturizing, but not greasy at all.Let our skin no matter when and where, can have moist Q bomb tactility, send out from inside to outside tender white skin.Use: it is a fresh rose fragrance, wipe my face very moist, and is very relaxed and smooth hydrating, use effect is very good, the skin can also be very breathable coating in the evening, is a good way to adjust the water oil balance, stable oil secretion, the second day you will find they had dry skin, with a period of time the skin to white many visible to the naked eye.Now all dare su yan to go out, very confident that they can become the boy’s white moonlight.