The Education system of The Eastern New District of Chengdu carried out a COVID-19 emergency response drill in Sanchahu Primary School

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In order to actively respond to the severe and complex COVID-19 situation at home and abroad, make solid efforts to deal with local outbreaks, further improve the epidemic prevention and control and emergency response capabilities of teachers and students in the Eastern New Area, and ensure the safety and health of teachers and students, according to the arrangement and deployment of the education system of the Eastern New Area, on the afternoon of February 16, 2022,Sancha Lake Primary School conducted a COVID-19 emergency response drill in the Blue Lake Hall.East new district education leadership Wang Yunzhang, yong-jian Chen, WeiJianWei measure small fang, Zheng Jiayu, part of the third people’s hospital medical personnel and sancha lake elementary school all administrative staff, some teachers and students, the school grade 3 class 12 school doctor, logistics personnel took part in the exercise, the east new district schools (garden) long to live to learn.Drill is actual combat.Drill before, in the east new district leadership’s care, under the guidance of education system, sancha lake primary school has made a careful “chengdu COVID sancha lake east new district primary school – 19 local epidemic disposal drill plan, respectively held the epidemic will drill the deployment and practical guidance, vice President of Wang Huiyong will drill the details of a detailed arrangement and careful deployment,Ensure the smooth operation of all exercises.The emergency drill began when Tu Jian, deputy director of logistics Department of Sanchahhu Primary School, reported to the drill command and leading group of the Eastern New Area.This drill simulated emergency preplan start school, isolation transport disposal, school closure closed treatment of three scenarios, in the process of practice, the outbreak of the disposal of emergency response teams were deployed in accordance with established plans to act quickly, close cooperation, flexible disposal, accurately and efficiently completed all tasks, epidemic prevention and control drill to drill the expected purpose.Scenario 1: The emergency plan starts and the “four checks a day” standard is timely.The head teacher of Class 11, Grade 3, detected an abnormal body temperature (38.8℃), and symptoms of fever and dry cough during routine afternoon check-up.The head teacher and deputy head teacher immediately took standardized disposal procedures: instructing students to wear masks, asking about the student’s movement track, comforting and taking other students away, reporting to the school leadership, contacting the school doctor, etc. The school immediately informed the logistics staff to disinfect the classroom of the class.Isolation treatment is reasonable and efficient.Teacher in the first time to bring the student to the isolation room, body temperature, trajectory, parental notification, and emergency hospital information process connected closely, the principal precise command, launch plans, timely report, do the “early detection, early reporting, early quarantine and early diagnosis, early treatment”, as much as possible in order to prevent or reduce the effects of the new champions league outbreak.Scenario 2: Isolation Transport Disposal Isolation transport is quick and efficient.The property management personnel will lead the way for special medical vehicles and medical staff;Entrusted by the parents, the student with fever was accompanied by the medical staff and the class teacher.The school’s support staff immediately disinfected the temporary isolation room and the student’s route to try their best to stop the spread of the disease.Scenario 3: School closure disposal School closure is closely connected.According to the introduction of Tu Jian, deputy director of logistics Department, after the school and hospital informed the fever student that the nucleic acid test was positive, a special working class was set up immediately, which cooperated with the CDC to carry out flow control work, and contacted the students closely with teachers and students.After requesting the approval of the headquarters, the school temporarily suspended classes and closed the campus. Special personnel were organized to notify students, parents and teachers, provide psychological comfort and emotional guidance, and implement epidemic prevention and the preparation of daily supplies.The simulation exercise was a “training exercise” for the school’s COVID-19 prevention and control work, comprehensively tested the scientific and operational contingency plan of the school’s epidemic prevention and control, improved the ability of the school’s teachers and students to cope with emergencies, and was unanimously affirmed and highly praised by the leaders, teachers and students on site.After the drill, She Xiaofang, leader of the Health Commission, gave professional guidance on the details of the drill: First, wear and handle masks accurately;Second, in the process of disposal, disinfection personnel, medical staff and teachers should fully do a good job of personal protection.Finally, Wang Yunzhang, deputy director of the Eastern New District Education Department, summed up his speech.Director Wang acknowledged and thanked Sanchahu Primary School for its epidemic prevention and control exercise, and hoped that sanchahu primary School and other schools would continue to strengthen COVID-19 prevention and control work, implement the actual practice of emergency response, pay attention to details, and ensure the health and safety of teachers and students.Chengdu Eastern New District Education System carries out COVID-19 emergency Response Drill in Sanchahu Primary School – Education News – Education News – Entrance School information website