Save you with what, my Chinese football team?

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On the first day of the Chinese New Year, the Chinese men’s football team went to send warmth to our socialist brothers.The Vietnamese people witnessed the historic moment of defeating the Chinese national team for the first time on New Year’s Day, as a hopeless Chinese team lost 3-1 to Vietnam in the penultimate match of the world’s top 12 preliminary rounds.Vietnamese Prime Minister Pham Minh Thanh, who was watching the match, handed out red envelopes to the Vietnamese players and said, “We played well today and had a high spirit. It would be even better if we could win 3-0.”I couldn’t help but think of a “Vietnamese most like Chinese dynasty” selection, the Republic of China impressively ranked first, the reason is that for more than a thousand years, the Republic of China is the only dynasty that has not bullied Vietnam……Know men’s foot is weak, return who coach all a bird kind, but connect Vietnam also lose, true TMD is face all don’t……But after the game checked the data, the mood is to a cold heart.Since 2009, Korean U men’s teams have played against Vietnam nine times, recording two draws and seven losses, with a defeat rate of 78 percent and no victories…….Moreover, we are playing against a Vietnamese national team that is six years younger than us.In the next 10 years, as the young players enter their playing years, if we do not rely on “naturalized players”, it is very likely that we will kneel every time we meet Vietnam…….And more deeply, compared with Vietnam football painstakingly taste courage for more than 10 years, finally put us to abuse A, performance expected Vietnam stock index in the past 10 years over 2.5, and I A more than 10 years, still in place…….This is disgusting his mother to disgusting open the door, disgusting home…….But no matter how gross, you need to think about a solution.The strength of a country’s football lies in the size of its football population, and the vitality of a country’s economy lies in the number of its employed population.Operation good, direct flat A past on the line.But we’ve had a long, steady decline in the number of professional soccer players, to the point where it’s about as low as Vietnam.Even China, a country of 1.4 billion people, added fewer people last year…… than VietnamThe economic impact of a decline in football is essentially no different from that of a continuing decline in the number of births.In other words, hundreds of millions of viewers are counting on tens of thousands of professional players to match their expectations, just as hundreds of millions of retirees are counting on tens of thousands of workers to pay social security to get their pensions.This is all unrealistic.The population base decided that we could only delay retirement if we were short of major generals and let a group of 30-something smelly feet continue to struggle. The aging of the team decided that even if we were given a huge liang, Liao Hua would be the vanguard of the northern expedition.Not to mention, with the collapse of the real estate industry, football will collapse even worse without its backers.What about the future?The government has a vision that, similar to the current reduction in education and training, football needs to be transformed from a sport for the middle class to a sport for the masses.We set up youth training teams in 985 colleges and universities in China, and each school has 50 impoverished students who can recruit football independently every year, and their identities will be confirmed by the APP of National Tax Bureau.At the same time, the National 985 Golden College Football League is organized by the Ministry of Education, and the game is held every weekend in the stadiums of their respective schools. Students and their families are the audience. The key is that the league ranking is positively related to the national 985 project funding and selection.At that time, from beiqing Derby to Jiaofu Derby, the competition between schools can see the real chapter on the field, boys from the liberation of computer games, girls are able to find a favorite object from the confrontation.In this way, not only can a large number of young people be attracted to participate in football, but the brand effect of famous universities will also bring the upgrading of advertisers, so that the main financial backers of football will change from real estate enterprises to Internet giants such as Huawei, Tencent and Alibyte with The Times. Students’ AI homework can also be developed based on football.At that time, from daily training to platoon arrangement, from enemy situation reconnaissance to on-site tactics, all of them are based on the big data research and development and database led by top universities. In this way for more than ten years, maybe we will have the chance to witness a digitally armed Chinese men’s football team to go out of Asia again for the World Cup!