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The MBTI personality was developed by American psychologists Kellyn Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers.1. Mbti puts forward four functional types, namely, two types of rational function opposing each other, thinking function and emotional function, two types of irrational function opposing each other, sensory function and intuitive function.This index is based on the eight types divided by The Swiss psychologist Carl Jung and compiled into the Myers-Briggs Type Index after more than 20 years of research, thus putting Jung’s type theory into practice.2. MBTI enables people to have a better understanding of themselves and can help HR departments make a better combination of different types of employees.It is important to note that MBTI tends to have no good or bad value judgment.It’s not that extroverted, intuitive, rational, planned people are better, better, more successful people, as people often think.3. The theory of mental types holds that mental function is a certain form of mental activity that remains the same in all situations.The MBTI as a measurement tool is derived from Jung’s theory of personality;The reliability and validity of the test itself is not high and is not well recognized by the psychological community.But moving away from testing and trying to understand your cognitive function, its strengths and weaknesses/potential talents and limitations, may have implications for career choices and relationships.