Address: No. 1, Guotai Min ‘an Road, Yueqing City, an anonymous money order to transfer scholarship

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“Thanks to anonymous love messengers, deep salute to you!Thank you, let us share the same blue sky under the love!Pray for a safe life!”Recently, a special thank-you letter appeared in the window of Houtang Campus of Nanyue Primary School.”It was On December 24, 2021, and our school received an anonymous remittance form with a total amount of 8,000 yuan. The purpose of the remittance was to support and encourage outstanding and poor Students in Houtang Primary School, and to establish scholarships.The remittance address is No. 1, Guotai Min ‘an Road, Yueqing City.The address is fictitious and the sender is unknown.”Speaking of the letter of thanks, Nanyue primary school After tang campus retired teacher Fang Shufen told reporters about the cause of the matter.”When we received the money order, we were surprised. We thought it was fake. We went to the postal savings Bank to ask about it.This money order was remitted from puqi Office of postal Savings Bank on December 20th.This love brings us warm love this winter.”Fang Shufen and the school teacher Lin Yifa to puqi business office looking for remitter information, but the staff every day contact a large number of people for business, unable to remember, checked the remittance records, also did not find effective information.To this end, the school decided to put up special thank-you letters in the window, thanking anonymous people for their selfless love.Walking into The Houtang Campus of Nanyue Primary School, the brand-new teaching building, smooth and spacious plastic runway, advanced multimedia equipment, warm book bar space, all make this rural primary school look “small and beautiful”.”Before, the school had only a low teaching building and a bumpy playground.In 2006, with the support and help of the government and people from all walks of life, the learning environment of 200 children has changed a lot. The village gave away land free of charge and the building area of the school reached 5,396 square meters. The children enjoy a comfortable learning environment and have a happy and fulfilling childhood.Over the years, the school has received meticulous care from people who have donated multimedia facilities, books…”Talking about the history of building the school, Fang Shufen sincerely thanks.”We have received warm, material and spiritual support from people who have donated anonymously to our school.Also passed on the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation to us, so that we feel the warmth of the society from the depths of our hearts.We teachers will work harder so that students can repay the society with excellent results.The funds will be used to establish spring and fall scholarships for outstanding and struggling students.We will educate students to take this as an opportunity to enrich their minds with the knowledge in books, change their destiny with knowledge, and contribute to the revitalization of China and common prosperity when they grow up.”Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: