Why are snow flowers so beautiful

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Raindrops are drops of water, small on the top and big on the bottom, like a well-adjusted stop number, which is not unusual.Why does snow form flowers?Snowflakes are water vapor in the air that condenses to form small ice crystals, while ice crystals and supercooled water droplets in clouds collide and evaporate to form water vapor, which condenses and increases to form snowflakes.Ice crystals are hexagonal, so snowflakes are mostly hexagonal.Snow flower why it so beautiful?Why ice crystals are hexagonal is probably a physics problem.How many petals is a winter jasmine? How many petals is a cherry blossom?Maybe botany.Snow particles form flowers, which are already beautiful.White as jade, crystal jade.The plain was covered with snow, and the vast expanse of white land was covered with white roofs and protruding trees.Snow in the mountains, rich and colorful, mountaintop, mountainside foot, distinct, each has its own strengths.There were towering trees in the ditch, and houses were shrouded in snow. Smoke was curling from the roofs of tile-roofed houses, and snow rose on the stone courtyard walls.In front of the house, up and down, the snow surrounded people’s activities in a three-dimensional and all-round way.The snow creaked as I walked.Swarms of sparrows fluttered up and down the trees, shaking the snow off the branches.Magpies are chirping in the poplar tree, they are hungry.Fortunately, when the sun comes out, the snow on the sunny slope gradually melts, making it convenient for the birds to find food.The snow on the shady slopes, unmoved by the sun, remained coldly white, day after day, month after month, and some persisted until the turn of spring and summer.May Day, there are snow pits, remnants of snow such as ice, soil white.