Names are written mission!Houston will be traded to Clippers, nets 1 of 2 already decided, rafer to be god?

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The NBA finally got a trade, and it’s a big deal.The Rockets traded Covington to the Clippers, ESPN reports.Covington, 31, is averaging 7.6 points, 5.7 rebounds, 1.4 assists, 1.5 steals, 1.3 blocks and shooting 38.1 percent from the field and 34.3 percent from 3-point range while remaining defensively on line.How would Lillard feel now that the Blazers seem to be trying to do the same thing the rockets did when they traded covington?In addition to Covington, the deal involves several players.According to the legend, the Clippers sent Bledsoe, Winslow, rookie Keon Johnson and a 2025 second-round draft pick from the Pistons for Norman Powell and Robert Covington from the Blazers.Siddianne Simmons Jr. suddenly exploded. The 22-year-old guard is averaging 15.7 points, 2.7 rebounds and 3.7 assists per game, making 2.8 3-pointers and shooting 43.8 percent from the field, so the Blazers let Powell go.Covington is old, out of contract and not part of the team’s long-term plans.The Clippers were overdrawn, had to make up for a championship run, and had a super rich owner, so the deal was struck.The Trail Blazers didn’t get a first-round pick in the deal, and they didn’t even get a promising rookie in Keon Johnson.But the rockets made big money, trading Covington for two first-round picks.Can’t let ESPN’s top name steal the show, Shams is here to break the news.There is a conflict, harden and Irving can only keep one, the Nets 1 of 2 has been decided.Shams says the Nets are open to trade talks for James Harden.Nets executives say Harden has a tendency to become a glass man and his style of play doesn’t mesh well with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.Harden’s all-encompassing style of play has done the team more harm than good.With coach Steve Nash’s best efforts failing to solve the big three’s problems, trading Harden might be a better option.Expect the Sixers, who have plenty of quality chips, to make an offer next.Many fans have accused the Nets management of burning Bridges, coach Steve Nash of incompetence and penchant for blame, harden is too difficult.Harden’s old team is watching the heat from the sidelines, and even hoping the Nets get messier.Rockets general manager Rafer stone has long said that the first-round picks he traded to the Nets are undervalued, and they could be worth a lot more.Was the countless rockets fans questioned before stone is going to god?Rockets reporter Jackson Gatlin retweeted Shams’ big reveal and wrote: “We have the nets’ first round pick in 2027. Rafer is a master.