Jennifer Aniston sunbathes on the beach in a tiny bikini, with a weird purple and red combo but toned abs

2022-05-06 0 By

According to the Daily Star on February 9, Friends star Jennifer Aniston has been photographed sunbathing on the beach in a tiny bikini, and at the age of 52, she’s still in remarkably good shape.The Hollywood star took a break from filming Murder Mystery 2 in Hawaii to relax on the beach, but the suit was a bit of an odd purple with red, but her abs were toned.Fortunately, the beige sun hat and round sunglasses add a lot of extra points to the whole look, as if people feel the waves of cool wind blowing.The day before, Aniston posted a picture of herself with her co-star Adam Sandler on social media, proudly announcing that she was working hard again.In the sunny snap, aniston cradles her head on Adam’s shoulder as they cuddle up against the choppy sea.The Marley & Me actor also shared some behind-the-scenes footage from the set, captioning it: “Get back to work with my friends.”As aniston’s video shows, everyone is having a great time and they’re having a lot of fun dancing and working out.The comfortable working conditions have been envied by her fans, who have begged aniston to arrange jobs for them.”What do I have to do to get in?”, “can I be an extra?” and “best group ever”.Another joked ‘oh crap, the set looks depressing’ before quickly switching to ‘haha I’m jealous, lots of love’.Credit: Daily Star,Bing