Are angel babies born or made?Is your kid here to return the favor

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Original article | gentle mothering diary, welcome forward and share personal most a few months after the baby was born, will appear the bowel bilges gas.Some babies cry, novice parents are likely to mistake the child for a serious illness, go to the hospital to seek the doctor’s help;But some babies don’t cause too much trouble to the parents they’ve just met, even if they have an upset tummy. They endure until attentive parents notice the pain their baby is experiencing.The latter is the legendary “angel baby”, how do they develop?What can parents do for their children when it comes to flatulence?A mother has posted a video of her newborn baby lying quietly on his face, less than two months old, as if he was suffering from a feeling of bloating.Treasure mother said, her child is an angel baby, flatulence uncomfortable did not cry, so silently bear everything, clever look is really provoking love.After watching the video, many mothers thought back to the time their baby suffered from flatulence: the child wailed and the adult sweated so much that they understood the real meaning of “angel baby” in comparison.Every baby may look the same at birth, but they are actually separate, unique individuals. Which ones will grow up to be angel babies?Why the devil baby?Are angel babies born or made?Each child’s personality is closely related to genetic inheritance, but the environment they live in after birth also plays a part in their temperament.Psychologists study found that children enter the world to grow up, in the whole process of parents’ genes, life atmosphere and learning environment will have an effect on the personality formation, and with the constant improvement of children’s mental maturity, the various aspects of impact dynamics are constantly changing, this is a spiral process.From the child 24 months or so, personality, temperament will be relatively stable slight changes.For a long time, psychologists, parenting experts, such as infants, infants, children’s personality research has never stopped.Based on her observations, a nurse who has worked with and cared for thousands of babies classifies temperament types into five broad categories: angelic, exemplary, active, irritable and cranky.Angel babies are the easiest for parents to worry about. Most of them sleep after eating and wake up to play by themselves. They hardly cry too much and don’t lose their temper when family members are not around.When their body is uncomfortable, they will also choose to endure, until the family found, your child is to repay kindness?Model babies are also more reassuring to parents. They have a few temper tantrums, but rarely cry, and are mostly quiet and alone as long as their basic needs are met.As for the last three types of parents are more headache, often need adults coax and embrace, slightly frustrated will make the family restless.Flatulence doesn’t let go of any kind of baby so how does flatulence come about?Baby within one year old, gastrointestinal function is relatively weak, eat into the body’s food and a little wind and grass in the process of eating, may cause intestinal flatulence.For example, using a pacifier that is too large for a crying child;Or breast-feeding mothers eat too much.Only scientific feeding, in order to get rid of intestinal flatulence, as far as possible to make the child feel better.First of all, breast-feeding bao Ma to try to control, eat less or do not eat easy to produce flatulence food.Secondly, for the baby to eat milk powder, parents should choose the pacifier suitable for its age, pay attention to the feeding posture, to prevent sucking pacifier at the same time will be too much air inhalation in the intestine;When the child cries, try not to feed, to avoid air into the gastrointestinal tract;Scientific pat burp after feeding, help baby in the first time will be inhaled air out of the body.Finally, do more exhaust exercise, parents through the network and other ways to learn, every day to help children do a do, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, can be gas discharge.If the child has flatulence, parents can use hot packs or special belly button stickers to help relieve the pain.If the child develops severe crying, the child should be immediately taken to a doctor for a thorough examination and treatment.