Wireless screen projection best solution!Bijie BJ80 Multi-screen Collaborative Intelligent Terminal evaluation: Easy and efficient meeting

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If you often have meetings at work, do you have to delay for a long time because of screen casting?What’s more, when there are a little more people in the meeting, the scene of taking turns to switch the PPT on each computer is particularly frustrating. After the suffering of working in the past few years, I am always wondering whether there is such a ultimate solution for wireless projection meeting.Hard to grope after the findings there are, naturally, because we are out of the experience for everybody today which come from jie interconnected will express BJ80 screen more collaborative intelligent terminal will be able to adequately address needs oh, few words said that we take a look at this such a screen collaborative intelligent terminal can bring us more convenient!In fact, we choose any product, experience is naturally the most important, after all, in the vast majority of scenarios have experience.It also fully determines our office efficiency.Our choice of bijie Internet manufacturers in the field of intelligent office or has a certain accumulation.Especially for enterprise-level conference room wireless screen projection, smart classroom and even vehicle machine screen projection, etc., there are rich examples of solutions. The BJ80 multi-screen collaborative intelligent terminal that we evaluated this time is also their product with typical characteristics.Unpacking the product, we have to say that the biggest feeling that catches our eyes is exquisite. Although I unpack countless mobile phones and computers, for products like screen projector, it has always been made of plastic by default. After all, it is good to use it.But the BJ80 multi-screen collaborative intelligent terminal metal material design, the front of the product is directly mirror processing, quite details.For multi-screen collaborative intelligent terminal products, interface is naturally essential, after all, such a terminal to connect to our screen, but also take into account the interface, charging, memory expansion and other requirements.But when we look at the back of this product, we suddenly find two Ethernet ports, one anti-theft lock, one power port, two HDMI outputs, two HDMI inputs, two touch ports, one audio input, one audio output, USB 3.0 port and two side cooling holes, it is really a bit grand.Especially with things like gigabit ports, it’s a real surprise.On the front of the product, in addition to the red button, it also brings us an HDMI input port, USB 2.0 and a Type-C data port.There is no question that the richness of the piazza meets the expanding needs of our on-site meetings.Except, of course, for the product design and hardware interface configuration.The concrete experience is what we care more about.The BIjie BJ80 multi-screen collaborative intelligent terminal positioning is a professional level wireless screen projection display device, so it is also very shocking in the supported protocol and compatible terminals, he can support multi-screen interaction,Same-screen broadcasting is even compatible with Airplay, Miracast, WIDI, Googlecast, and BJCast wireless screen casting protocols. In addition, wireless screen casting can be easily implemented on compatible terminals, whether apple phones, Android phones, Windows computers, or Mac computers.Of course, if you often use screen casting software, you will know that the wireless screen casting protocol adopted by different devices is also different. At present, I think the mainstream three native protocols are AirPlay, Miracast and DLAN.AirPlay, or what we might call screen mirroring, is more approachably-like for transferring photos, videos, etc. from ios devices over the same wifi state.Equipment compatible to the agreement, for apple users, use is very comfortable, but the only lack is AirPlay is the original cast of iOS screen agreement, may not be able to take care of all the market, but it will express BJ80 screen more collaborative intelligent terminal with such an agreement can override apple users demand basically,It is indeed a good product strength.For macs, a teleport basically solves the problem, making it easy and easy to use.At this time, there may be a small partner curious android phone how to do?In fact, Android phones come in handy because its Miracast protocol provides a mirror function similar to apple’s. It allows users to directly project content from a mobile screen to an HDTV screen, provided they support the Miracast protocol at a relatively stable distance.Such a screen expansion program should be used more widely, but it may be difficult to ensure the quality of the screen, we can choose according to need, the key moment is not not to use it.However, the biggest advantage here is that for the vast majority of Huawei and Samsung mobile phones, after screen expansion, we can reverse the screen to control the phone, which is very convenient for daily presentation.Cast screen, of course, if you think this way you don’t like it, we can choose to install all the android phone will express connected enterprise app client to make a screen to expand, through such a private agreement using the Internet to expand screen, if used with enterprise OA application development to it is very nice,The actual use is also feasible, and the client software also gives us more space to operate, whether it is zooming in or out, left or right, there is no big problem.However, in my years of work experience, at present, the vast majority of users in the enterprise is still based on Windows computers, let’s take a look at Windows computers is how to achieve the most efficient wireless screen casting requirements.For laptops commonly used by us, especially Win 10 computers, we only need to press Win+K to wake up such a wireless screen casting setting, find the host we need to screen casting, and click connect to complete the screen casting operation.However, it is still feasible to reverse control the computer with a large screen, but we need to give the permission first, so that the follow-up office is also very convenient. If the conference room is large enough, we can also expand to different display screens through Win+P, and the coverage rate is naturally larger.Will interconnect manufacturers of the strong research and development strength is also a full consideration to the use of a lot of friend in old computers, especially the Windows 7 user demand for screen, this time we only need to install a Windows PC screen software can realize the wireless client shots screen operation, installation of course such a screen client software,In addition to being compatible with the needs of older computers, it can also bring some deep function customization for enterprises, which can achieve better simplification of the process.In terms of details, such a smart terminal can support up to nine channels of signal projection, but it is worth noting that the screen projection here can support six channels of signal wireless access, and the remaining three channels are local signal access for opening local files or videos.So in theory, as long as you have a big enough screen or a large enough user need, basically what you want is something you can throw on the screen.The key is that the vast majority of products on the market only support each protocol to connect a signal, a terminal, and THE BJ80 multi-screen collaborative intelligent terminal directly broke this reality, to avoid repeated plug and pull, really convenient.In addition to the screen options described above, there are plugins in the browser that allow us to extend the screen.Of course, this specific form of implementation still needs to be realized according to the specific needs of the enterprise, like our current commonly used Google and Edge are actually feasible oh.It has an ARM CPU, 4 gigabytes of ram, 32 GB of EMM storage, and an EXTERNAL SOLID-state drive with an M.2 port.When you delve deeper into the capabilities of such a device, you will find that it is no less equipped than a mini host.Therefore, the function of playing local files is no less than that of an intelligent player. Basically, the mainstream video formats on the market can be easily supported. Even if there is no computer in the daily meeting, the local video is always up at any time, which basically does not affect the rhythm too much.And realizing more forms of wireless screen casting through such a device has indeed brought us more convenience. Think about whether the chaos of various wires and unstable factors of screen casting will affect the actual office efficiency of the unit in your daily meeting process?If you have frequent meetings.There is a need to try to understand such a multi-screen collaboration intelligent terminal oh, after all, such investment should be once and for all, really save trouble.I wonder if you have any good recommendation for the wireless screen projection scheme which is better used in the market at present.Your comments and comments are welcome, and that’s it for today’s review. See you next time. Bye!