Huawei crisis resolved?The United States chip giant officially confirmed that the Chinese academician said very right!

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In September 2020, US chip giant Nvidia publicly announced that it would buy mobile architecture giant ARM for $40 billion, and submitted various review documents for the acquisition.As soon as the news came out, it attracted widespread attention from the global science and technology community. Not only Apple, Qualcomm, Intel and other American companies objected, but also Chinese academician Ni Guangnan warned that it must be stopped.The fundamental reason for the huge response of this acquisition is that ARM was originally a subsidiary of SoftBank, which almost monopolized the mobile architecture market. Previously, ARM had always maintained a fair and open source state, and top chip design enterprises such as Apple, Qualcomm and Huawei all adopted ITS mobile architecture.But if ARM were to be acquired by Nvidia, Apple, Qualcomm and Intel would all be at the mercy of their rival in the future.On the one hand, China’s semiconductor chip industry is still in the climbing and ice-breaking stage, relying heavily on ARM’s architecture. If its core technology is Americanized, it will be very detrimental to the development of domestic chips.On the other hand, Huawei, as the face of domestic science and technology, has been subjected to oppression and targeting by the United States in recent years. It can be expected that if ARM is acquired by an American enterprise, Huawei will no longer be able to obtain architecture authorization, and its chip industry will fall into a greater crisis after the supply of subcontract manufacturing channels is cut off.From this perspective, nvidia acquire ARM may not simply for the sake of the improvement of the business sector and strengthening, is likely to be instigated by some people, because Intel has reached the level of monopoly in the field of PC architecture, if nvidia can win in the field of mobile ARM, then two of the world’s mainstream architecture will be owned by the old beauty,The market has been reduced to its own rhetoric.The US will then oppress whomever it wants, and its targets will have no room to retaliate.Despite a promise by Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang that “ARM will continue to be a fair and open business after the acquisition.”Unfortunately, most enterprises do not buy it and still hold opposing views.However, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang is confident that the acquisition of ARM will be completed within the deadline.It raised $40 billion to $60 billion as if it wanted to win.Remember, as for Nvidia’s acquisition of ARM, China, as the largest mobile architecture consumer market, has a key voting right, and even the UK, the EU and other antitrust authorities have been involved in a deeper security investigation.It is hard not to suspect that Huang is emboldened by someone behind him.I didn’t expect it to turn around so quickly!Recently, foreign media spread the latest news about the ACQUISITION of ARM.Us chip giant Nvidia has officially confirmed that it has failed in its $60 billion takeover bid for ARM, foreign media reported.Under the deal, Nvidia’s $1.25 billion upfront payment to SoftBank will not be refunded, effectively squandered.In this regard, many industry insiders say that huawei’s crisis has been lifted.But is this really the case?Admittedly, huawei can continue to use ARM’s open source architecture after Nvidia’s failed bid, but that’s clearly only temporary.In recent years, in order to consolidate its dominant position in the chip market, the United States has tried its best to amend the chip rules without authorization to restrict the development of Huawei, and then coerced TSMC, Samsung and other enterprises to hand over their chip confidential data. Recently, the United States has decided to support Micic with 52 billion DOLLARS.This is enough to show that the US has not lost its ambition to dominate the global chip market. After Nvidia’s defeat, it is hard to be sure that other US companies will not continue to make a mess of ARM.Is this the end of huawei’s crisis?Now it seems that Chinese academician Ni Guangnan was right.When the news of Nvidia’s acquisition of ARM came out, Ni guangnan not only warned that “it must be stopped”, but also called on the domestic market to not let down its guard and develop our own architecture as soon as possible, regardless of whether the acquisition can be achieved.As a key link in the most upstream of the chip industry chain, chip architecture is of self-evident importance. If we always rely on overseas enterprises such as ARM, then the domestic chips we are now developing are like high-rise buildings without foundation. Even if we overcome technical difficulties such as EUV lithography machine, we can hardly be controlled by others.As Academician Ni Guangnan said, “Core technologies cannot be bought, exchanged or begged for. If you want to get rid of the bottleneck, you must give up illusions and fully implement the localization substitution. Only when you have food in hand, can you not panic in the face of various crises in the future.In fact, we have our own architecture scheme risC-V, but its ecological construction is far less mature than ARM.However, it is encouraging that Academician Ni Guangnan’s call has been heeded and domestic giants have begun to make efforts in the field of RISC-V architecture.For example, Chinese Academy of Sciences has developed the “Xiangshan” processor based on RISC-V architecture.Alibaba’s Flat Brother Semiconductor developed the “Xuantie 910” chip;Huawei has also developed a smart TV chip based on this.It can be expected that under the united efforts of the whole country, RISC-V will certainly grow as soon as possible to equal or even surpass the mainstream architecture of ARM, so as to hold up the bright future of domestic chips!If you want to see more of this, check out Tech Dids