What matter Ming dynasty and falling flowers, linger in spring to whose home

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Want to know more wonderful content, come to pay attention to Zheng Huixian Sinology art what happened in the Ming Dynasty and fall, hang around the spring scenery to whose home, the end of the world is very difficult to meet, the dream vaguely in the sea cliff.Wandering tianya no home, a few back to the dream of Jinghua, not feel Ming Dynasty to see apricot flowers.Don’t feel the sun west oblique, and see the Ming dynasty where is the horizon, acacia dream fall who.It is spring, do not feel the dusk, where there is no grass, the dream vaguely see the old man.Find fangfei, vaguely see emerald, the most is to linger in spring, the Ming Dynasty hand in hand to see the flowers.Floating a dream like clouds, the end of the world if xu years, stay to the Ming Dynasty wine together.The most is where to find the trace, the horizon with you vaguely.Rain and Chongyang, chrysanthemum is yellow, hope broken horizon dream tears thousands of lines.The end of the world a hope credit, dream soul still from Beijing, not feel Ming Dynasty see flowers.See old friends, seek bosom friends, if the Ming Dynasty has lingering laughter frequency.Love, meaning hard to rest, where the world is vaguely old swim.Seeking beauty, faintly to the eyes, the most is to linger on spring, Ming Dynasty and see willow smoke.Dimly is hometown, where the end of the world is not desolate, if there are lingering words in the Ming Dynasty.Where to linger is not home, and see the slanting willow silk, the end of the world is very close to see falling flowers.Where Ming Dynasty home tonight, lingers not to Beijing, the horizon is dimly in the sea cliff.Several degrees of spring, floating a dream without trace, do not feel the setting sun late, looking back Ming Is a passer-by.Dream vaguely see young, the remotest corners of the earth chan, Ming dynasty had the honor to get together again, do not waste linger here.Horseshoes left in the world, looking forward to wear where is the township.Peach blossoms on both sides, eyes look at michun bit mud home, horse hoofs broken DO not know who.Yellow warbler crows old eyes, egrets into the maze, the title purple swallow spring.Peach blossom face, qianshan horse hoof, the most is the spring fan wang place, Yan-bo vast eyes move.The horse’s hoofs in the west gallop, the bit of mud is at this time, looking forward to wearing grass rain silk down.Flower lane shadow, look in the clouds eye affection, purple swallow double dancing, the stranger horse hoofs sound non-stop.Peach blossom eye on both sides of mountain green, water blue a bay catkins fan, swallow bit mud sound broken small bridge west.Mud tao to break through the fog and smoke, fans spend drunk floating clouds change days.Sunset west, bit old mud, wistful crescent willow fan.Butterfly dance fan flower yan, pink eyes new, swallow bit mud trekking spring.Flying flower lane shadow, my heart swing to swallow habitat, stranger horseshoe spring.Season rain such as mud, pedestrians on the road in the horseshoe, yanliu misty scattered eyes.The horse’s hooves tap the willow dike, swallow double fly bit of incense mud, lifting eyes at the end of the world road, a lovesickness two fans.Passers-by fan, wistful cloud foot low, swirling mud full diameter, hoofs across the bridge in the west.Spring into the eye as fangfei, liu Luhong fan cuiwei, swallow bit mud looking for old base, horseshoe snow new plum.Yan bit mud, drizzle wet horseshoe, peach blossom all the way to the west of the bridge.All the way spring falls yan bit mud, castle peak into the eye continuous fans.The moon is dark and confused, the old eyes are dim and go nowhere into the sea, and the shadows are thin in the sound of hooves.Under the tree eye height, huan Wang fan, Purple Yan title mud yurun horseshoe.The horse’s hoofs treading green poplars, swallows bit mud at this time, longing to wear the place is home.Twilight fan, eyes away, swallow mud wind across the horseshoe.Old eyes dim don’t know, there are fans in the world, mud cow into the sea spring breeze send horseshoe.Qianshan snow, the bit to wanli mud, fleeting clouds of the past, life where not fan.Wanli Yuntian worry fu Yao qin, when drunk building fine products poured.Reflecting on the moon tower liu like smoke, stroke drunk as fairy, red note hengyang another year.Yulu thousand cups drunk, qinghui Wanli Ming, to send cloud goose called two or three.Fuci note, another year, reflecting the moon building the drunk confidant.Yao think north goose pass good sentences, to send the east wind into jin jian, drunk I do not know reflected on the moon as sleepless.Willow silk soft, railings alone sorrow, a paper red nowhere to send, the sky goose called provoking worry.Faint shadows thin, the window reflected on the soft liusi, red note in the sky to stay.Wan Liyun day send, a line of wild goose word day edge, clear hui yingyue people have no sleep, drink drunk full of wind.Wild goose word dance dance, red leaf title to the wind people drunk, raise a glass to reflect the moon I chant.River red, drunk hazy dream, acacia sent on the paper, but goose to shadow.Xiling maple red frost leaves drunk, dongliju moonlight cold, plain paper difficult to write acacia meaning, wild goose word back to the dream has been residual.In the dream, the paper is plain wall, and the wild goose word in the cloud is qingtian, and the railing of qinghui reflects the old year.Back to the autumn has been thin, cloud note send office liquor with who drunk, uncorrupted reflection on the moon.Happy reunion, wine fragrance drunk fairy, poet dance, heart with the goose word into the sky.Still contain drunk, such as blue moon circle, to write a poem without good sentences, a line of wild goose word to the sky.A paper red ink is not dry, when the wild goose word also, clear hui yingyue baluster wangyuan mountain.The autumn wind sends wild goose question to send far, drunk in do not know reflect the shadow of the moon into solitary.Lotus fragrance, send cool drunk setting sun, red note acacia long.Rustling tourists drunk, reflecting the lotus red, moke writing hao Yan word sky.Send acacia, not fixed – term, reflecting the moon tower night drunk as crazy.Love send far, rhyme long, a pot of wine cool breeze reflected on the moon.According to the shadow, a ray of drunk heart, red small letters sent with the wind, wild goose called the sky as I guess.Dongfeng drunk once, peach blossom moon smile, red paper to send tianya goose does not come.Red letters long, hengyang road slim, reflected on the floor turbidity drunk abroad.Autumn goose to double Ninth, a red paper to send home, drunk I do not know reflected on the cold window.Xiao Xiang, wit and beauty tears two lines, hair into white hair, eyes on the mirror of red makeup.Gazing at a smile 100 mei health, hair elegant dance and graceful, wit and beauty where, empty heartbroken tears.Mirror black memories of the past year, beauty talent heartbroken between heaven and earth.Where is the beauty, acacia endless road through the end of the world, hair white hair tears two lines.Xiaoxiang waste heartbroken, not tears into line, a wisp of hair gaze far.Night vast, hair temples frost, the dream of beauty where to find, acacia a heartbroken.White hair and black hair not dyed dust, do not feel already dusk, beauty talent heartbroken dream to find.Don’t return home, hope broken tears two lines, gazing at empty on the moon, blue hair dyed autumn frost.Qingming rain heartbroken, not see where the beauty, hair and white hair speechless tears into line.Lengyue gaze down memory that year, beauty has gone heartbroken for which.Half old man, sunset red, a beautiful woman to heartbreak in a dream.Beautiful woman, endless sorrow heartbroken, gazing through white hair tears two lines.Bleak wild goose heartbroken, white hair on the beauty two look at each other, speechless tears into line.Gaze far village, white hair to dusk, beauty has gone to heartbroken tears full jin.How much sorrow hair white hair, gazing at the mirror tears, where is the beauty of the past, heartbroken is the Red building.Don’t look back, dream heartbroken lead several degrees of autumn, gazing at empty to the moon, hair dyed snow for who worry.A pipa to heartbroken, beauty where rely on red makeup, hair wan on acacia knot, on two lines of tears.A smile one hundred mei jiao, hair elegant dance enchanting, talent beauty cliff recall past.Mo sigh a few years of mirror hair, beauty has gone heartbroken sing tianya.A smile of potpate, alone on the column gaze thinking of the past, hair dyed snow tears into frost.In the voice of the sun, the beauty of the flowers, mo smile drunk hair.Gazing at the moon on the west floor, a wisp of hair how much sorrow, dream beauty cliff water air flow.Two vast, tears a few lines, the dream beauty cliff recall lover.One hundred thousand beauty home, weak water heartbroken, gazing at the hair become idiot.Heartbroken, no tears into the line, the black hair is already dyed frost China, alone gaze far.– Zheng Huixian Chinese Art