The 16th session of the Linyi CPPCC received 726 proposals

2022-05-04 0 By

Linyi city people’s political consultative conference during the first session of the 16th, the CPPCC, seriously implement the guiding ideology, the Chinese people’s political consultative conference to attend unit work closely around the center of the municipal party committee, municipal government and the people concerned about hot difficult problem, proposed by earnestly perform their duties, make recommendations, actively put forward many ideas and valuable opinions and Suggestions.As of 12 am on February 25, 2022, 726 proposals have been received and 579 have been filed, representing a case filing rate of 79.8%.Of these, 175 were related to economic development, 33 to political development, 74 to cultural development, 259 to social development and 38 to ecological progress.These proposals are broad in content and highly targeted, with both practical solutions and forward-looking concerns and suggestions.After the closing of the conference, the proposals that have been examined and registered will be sent to the relevant organizers for handling.For the proposals received after the deadline of the conference proposal, the conference proposal group will also timely review the case, sent to the relevant units for handling.(wang xiao)