Supply 50 tons of rare earth to apple every month!What do iphones have to do with rare earths?

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Yuan science and Technology Museum: the original is not easy, without permission is strictly prohibited handling, plagiarism, reprint!Supply 50 tons of rare earth to apple every month!What do iphones have to do with rare earths?Earlier this year, Jiangsu Huahong Technology Announced that it had signed long-term supply agreements with purchasers authorized by Apple to provide 50 tons of rare earths per month.Rare earth is the gold in industrial manufacturing, but also the key raw materials in high-end technology manufacturing must be lost, in aerospace, military, mobile phones, computers, semiconductor chips, rare earth elements are very important.Does apple need a lot of rare earth materials in its phones?According to some data, a typical cell phone contains 41 elements, while the iPhone contains 46.Apple uses rare earths in many of its components.Cameras, batteries, color screens, circuit boards, processors and other components contain rare earths.For example, neodymium is used in the vibration motor of the iPhone and lanthanum is used in the camera.According to the data, an iPhone contains about 36 milligrams of gold, 90 milligrams of silver, 33 grams of iron, 17 grams of chromium, and most of all, aluminum.And in the upgraded products, the content of rare earth also gradually increased.All told, an iPhone contains about 1.73 milligrams of rare earths.Apple needs about 346 tons of rare earths a year and about 200 tons for the Ipad, according to industry analysts.The total is about 546 tons.The rare earth that Jiangsu Huahong Technology Sold to Apple’s demonstrative buyer was the single element praseodymium oxide.Praseodymium is mainly used in microphones and earpieces of mobile phones in very small amounts.That’s why some in the industry question apple’s use for buying so much praseodymium oxide.Should rare earths be sold to Apple?Many netizens are questioning that huawei’s case is not that long ago. The United States has imposed a chip embargo on Huawei since 2019, and has put pressure on countries such as Britain and Canada to ban Huawei.The United States and some western countries are blocking and blocking the semiconductor industry in China.At this time, Chinese rare earth enterprises sell rare earth to Apple To guarantee Apple.According to the us treatment of Chinese companies, Chinese companies should not sell rare earths to Apple.Currently, China has nearly 38 percent of the world’s proven rare earth reserves, and analysts say the Chinese rare earth industry has been supporting global companies, but has not achieved the corresponding economic benefits.China’s rare earth industry needs to be regulated Analysts say the development of rare earths in China has been chaotic due to lax regulation and has caused heavy pollution to the country’s ecological environment.As a result of the chaos, Chinese rare earth manufacturers have lost their bargaining power over rare earth, a scarce resource, in cut-throat competition at low prices.On the other hand, high-end rare earth processing core patents are in Europe and the United States and other enterprises, China can only rely on the export of resources and cheap labor to compete, always at the low end of the industrial chain.Of course, at the end of 2021, several big state-owned enterprises in China have jointly funded and established China Rare earth Group, which will form a new situation of overall planning.But this time, whether the agreement signed by Jiangsu Huahong Technology Company and Apple demonstration purchaser has also been approved by China Rare earth Group?What do you think about that?Feel free to leave a comment, like and share!