Nine songs were selected as the third outstanding musical works of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games

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The Beijing Organizing Committee for the Winter Olympic Games (BOCOG) held a live broadcast of the music works of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games on Jan. 25.At the scene of the event, Chen Ning, director of the Cultural Activities Department of the Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee, gave a speech, introducing the overall situation of the collection of music works for the Winter Olympic Games.Han Xin ‘an, secretary of the sub-party group, vice chairman and secretary general of China Music Association, read out the list of outstanding music works of the third Winter Olympic Games.Beijing Olympic city development association for the advancement of vice President, the third session of the selection committee chairman jiang, the 2022 winter Olympics and the winter paralympics in Beijing distinguished experts, the Beijing municipal people’s political consultative conference vice-chairman zhang heping, liguang wang, chairman of the China association for musicians of the college of music, Beijing for the third session of the games are excellent music works senior honorary certificate.The third Winter Olympic Games outstanding music composer received the certificate of honor.Beijing games organizers for figure games music works collection is an important milestone in Beijing Olympic organizing tasks, is enthusiastic attention from all walks of life, widely participate in the games cultural activities, the Beijing games organizing committee since 2019 to 2021, a year to hold a music works, which will be widely attract the social people from all walks of life pay attention to the games, participate in the games,Always maintain the “temperature” of the Cultural activities of the Winter Olympics.It is understood that the first and second Winter Olympics music works mainly rely on The Beijing Music Radio for the public collection, a total of 1396 works collected by the Chinese Musicians Association led by the selection committee, the selection of 30 excellent songs, excellent lyrics 20.A number of songs stood out, including “Ice and Winter Olympics”, “Winter Olympics With Me”, “Beijing 2022”, “Meet Me in Beijing”, “Burning Snowflake”, “Friends from Afar Come to My Home” and “Ice and Snow Date”, showing the power of dreams, hard work and unity through music.Near during phase, the Beijing games organising committee for the cultural activities department in combination with the games are important activity time node demand, strengthen the function of the songs WeiYao creation, surrounding the games theme slogan release, the square, kindling welcome ceremony, the 100 – day countdown to the theme activity, launched “to the future” salute “warrior” the fire of hope “we see Beijing and other functional song,Help the winter Olympics theme activities.In order to further improve the games are the quality of the music works, build strong games culture atmosphere, the third session of the games are music works using directional WeiYao solicitation approach, the Beijing games organizers cultural activities in conjunction with the Beijing music radio, Chinese musicians association and the central propaganda department movies satellite channels, invited more than 30 classics noun songwriter to participate in the creation.In addition, the collection office received extensive contributions from all walks of life, and the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee also mobilized musicians across the country to select excellent works. Finally, 71 works were included in the selection scope.On November 25, 2021, the solicitation office will complete the preliminary evaluation of the submitted works. Thirty-one songs will enter the final evaluation, and nine excellent songs will be selected. The list will be officially released on The morning of January 25, 2022.Chen Ning, director of the Cultural Activities Department of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, delivered a speech.At the launch event, Chen Ning, director of the Cultural activities department of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee (BOCOG), said that excellent winter Olympics music works should not only serve the Games, but also lead the music creation of an era.These winter Olympics music works, which embody the fine traditional Chinese culture, the charm of China in the new era, and the common wisdom, courage and feelings of mankind, will become an important part of the memory and heritage of the Beijing Winter Olympics and create a strong atmosphere for the success of the Beijing Winter Olympics.The third session of the games are excellent music works list: He Muyang lyrics, He Muyang composition: “the snow you and me” Wang Shengning lyrics, LuanKai composition: “in the world of common Zeng Gege, Feng Tianyi lyricist, Feng Xiaoquan, Feng Tianyi composition:” together, the more wonderful “JiChuChen lyrics, Hu Shuai composition: the lyrics” meimei and Qin Zhanguo, Xie Zhenqiang composition:”Snow and ice of hua” (it is the only song to adopt Chinese quintessence of Peking Opera art form the games cultural interpretation of the selected excellent works) open the lyrics to smell, Yang Wu Sifei composition: “let us embrace Jin Liang lyrics, Meng Wenhao, Xie Tong composition: the dream flying snow and ice king strontium clever lyrics, Gao Jian, strontium ying wang composition:” beat “generalized lyrics, da-li zhang composition:What a nice day with snow. Beijing News editor: Pan Wenchang