His four become marshal, he rebelled when the county magistrate, because for his wife was shot by Lao Jiang

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On the road to the establishment of new China, there appeared many revolutionaries who worked their hearts out and died, but there were also those whose revolutionary mind was not firm and could not resist the temptation to quit the revolution halfway.In modern history, there was a regrettable revolutionary personage. He had participated in revolutionary work with Chairman MAO and Mister Zhu, and had four founding marshals under his command, but he had an unsatisfactory ending.So who is this guy?In the early 1990s, at the age of 17, Yang took an active part in the sensational Autumn harvest uprising, winning recognition from many leaders for his excellent performance in organizing the uprising.As the army for many years, he eventually arrived in the red Army base from the hail of bullets after untold hardships.After arriving in Jinggangshan, he was recommended by the organization leaders and eventually became a direct subordinate of Chairman MAO. Chairman MAO responded with high expectations to this young man who had suffered from many years of suffering, and endowed him with the post of director of the Political Department of the First Army of the Red Army. At this time, he was only in his early twenties and became revolutionary colleagues with General Zhu De.As the expansion of the red army and other army together, now has four army belonging Yang Yuebin jurisdiction, the most important position in the four military people have the remarkable reputation, after the founding of marshal is endowed with the founding of the great honour, they are served as commander of the Lin biao, as a commander peng dehuai, Chen yi and Luo Ronghuan served as political commissar.At that time, these four marshals were Yang Yuebin’s direct subordinates, directly under Yang Yuebin’s orders, so it can be seen that Yang Yuebin had already become one of the top revolutionary leaders. If this trend develops, Yang Yuebin will definitely become a brilliant star on the development road of new China.But things backfire. Yang yuebin failed to live up to Chairman MAO’s trust due to his own unsteadying will, and became a complete loser in the revolutionary road.As the revolutionary upsurge threatened the position of the Kuomintang, the Kuomintang defined the Communists as “communist bandits” and launched as many as five nationwide battles to suppress the Communists, which led to a very uncertain revolutionary environment at that time.At this time, the Red Army was more or less full of hopeless revolutionary voices. As the director of the political department, Yang Yuebin did not find and deal with the problems in time, but also fell into this kind of thinking.One day a soldier was sent to tell him to make a lot of communist red flags. “Why do we need red flags when the revolution is almost hopeless?” he muttered casually.After hearing this, the soldier was very surprised and could not believe that this was what Yang Yuebin said. He reported this to Chairman MAO.Chairman MAO thought Yang was merely complaining and understood his usual serious attitude towards his work, but decided to meet him and instruct him in his thoughts.At first Yang could still listen to Chairman MAO’s exhortation, but as he was injured in the Long March by the Red Army, he was exhausted and could not bear the inhuman road, and finally had the idea of defecting to the Kuomintang.The thought was hard to dissipate, and as his injuries worsened his belief that the Communist revolution was hopeless.One night he contacted friends who had been in the Kuomintang and eventually slipped out of the Communist ranks.At that time, by virtue of his position and status in the Red Army, he gained the value of the Kuomintang and became the president of the Minxi Daily. He ungrateful and vigorously propagated the anti-Communist thought, completely denied the contributions made by the Communist Party for the revolution, and finally became a traitor of the Red Army.Yang Yuebin finally ending Yang Yuebin thought as he could have been a rising tide lifts all boats in the kuomintang, but he never thought Chiang kai-shek don’t trust him at all, after using the only value he anti-communist, immediately ordered him to be a little county magistrate, so lost lady and fold soldier Yang Yuebin will only spend the rest of their lives in the county.In the county he began an ordinary life, he married the daughter of a big family in the county as a wife, and then the Kuomintang military concubine Liu.Perennial outside he did not take into account family harmony, is wife and concubine conflict ceaseless, finally Yang Yuebin’s wife mistake shot concubine.This caused a catastrophe, concubine’s three elder brothers are whampoa military academy graduates of the outstanding students, most like her second elder brother is the senior officer of the Kuomintang, after hearing his sister’s death, he will report this matter to Chiang Kai-shek, want Chiang Kai-shek’s fair disposal, give younger sister a fair.Chiang kai-shek had almost forgotten the names of Yang Yue-bin. It was easy to see how important they were to Chiang Kai-shek.Chiang Kai-shek finally ordered Yang Yuebin is wife shot, Yang Yuebin at this time to get this news, heavy feelings heavy righteousness will be his wife to the unknown place, and then in the home for his wife to wait for the fate of the trial.Chiang Kai-shek learned that Yang Yuebin had rebelled against his orders, secretly released the criminals, he flew into a rage and finally ordered the Red Army traitor shot.Conclusion Instinct brilliant life Yang Yuebin finally could not bear hardships, did not resist the temptation to leave the revolutionary team, ended up in a tragic small county city outcome, really let a person sigh.The revolutionary road is certainly difficult, the establishment of new China can not be separated from the real persevering revolutionaries, each of us should also temper the former behavior of the country to contribute their own strength.