Fugu County won the advanced Group award in 2021

2022-05-04 0 By

On the afternoon of February 7, Yulin city held investment attraction and competition for capital competition in recognition of the general assembly.The meeting briefed the work of attracting investment and competing for investment in 2021, and arranged key tasks for 2022.Advanced collectives, advanced individuals, excellent projects for investment attraction in 2021, advanced collectives and individuals for investment competition, and advanced units for business environment optimization and social credit system construction were read out and commended.Fugu County won the advanced Collective award of 2021.In 2021, Fugu County will closely focus on the key areas encouraged and supported by the state, actively connect and fully communicate with each other, accurately grasp the investment direction, clarify the key points for project funds, actively coordinate the element guarantee units, and improve the project reserve pool.A total of 65 investment projects within the central budget, such as sand dam project and Fugu Airport, were applied for, and 10 investment projects within the provincial budget were won, with a total fund of 265.61 million yuan.We applied for 18 local government special bond projects such as the construction of urban drinking water source and the renovation of supporting public parking lot of fuchang Road old residential area (4 projects have passed the examination), and applied for local government special bond worth 575 million yuan.A total of 840 million yuan of funds was sought in the whole year, with a year-on-year increase of 67%, ranking the first in the city.Author: Wang Zhiwei Chang Sheng newspaper reporter Cao Yi