Fellow villager gelievable!Nine major projects in Changsha have contracted a total investment of 12.8 billion yuan

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Sanxiang Metropolis daily news on February 13 (all media reporter Li Chenghui) start to run, start sprint, Changsha fellow to force!On February 12, in 2022, “to meet person of hometown, back to hometown, built home” long distance in changsha, hunan province chamber of commerce new forums and investment promotion and capital introduction “good start” project signing ceremony, nine major investment projects focus, with a total investment of 12.82 billion yuan, to implement the strategy of strong provincial capital changsha and comprehensive development of high quality injection strong kinetic energy.In recent years, Changsha has been focusing on “welcoming hometownsfolk, returning home and building home town” to attract xiangbusinessmen and xiangcai from home and abroad to invest in the hometown. “Hometown sentiment” has promoted the “homing effect” of attracting investment and investment.In this contract project, “fellow townsman” becomes one of the main forces of investment and entrepreneurship.”My hometown is changing with each passing day and developing with each passing day, becoming a fertile ground for enterprise development.”As early as 2015, Zeng Shengqiang, president of Shenzhen Changsha Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of SZZT Electronics Co.,Ltd., invested in wangcheng District, the largest Internet big data technology Industrial park in Central China, with a contract amount of 5 billion yuan and 2 billion yuan in the first phase.This time zeng Shengqiang introduced Shenzhen Baitong Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. to invest about 400 million yuan in jinxia Economic Development Zone to build Zhongyue Display control advanced manufacturing innovation industrial park.The project of lithium iron phosphate energy storage battery and key materials in the new Lithium era is settled in Changsha, which is inseparable from the hometown feelings of professor Li Xinhai, the chief scientist of the company.Li Xinhai is a professor and doctoral supervisor at the School of Metallurgy and Environment, Central South University.With a total investment of 2 billion yuan, the project will be constructed in two phases, with an annual output of 136,000 tons of key materials for lithium iron phosphate energy storage batteries and a new energy storage battery manufacturing demonstration base. After the project is fully put into operation, it is expected to achieve an annual output value of 3.5 billion yuan.Other projects signed on the site include Jiuyinhai Medical Industry Fund project, Hunan Huazi Zhuochuang Cooperation Project, Songya New City Science and Technology Ecological Park project, Major innovative medicine R&D and Production Base project, Shentong Changsha Smart Logistics Industrial Park project, Chaoliang Holding Group Southern Headquarters project, etc.The project covers artificial intelligence, new energy, biomedicine, intelligent logistics and other industries, as well as intelligent manufacturing, headquarters economy, new infrastructure and other forms of business, showing the characteristics of “cluster, strong chain, promote openness”.”‘ Attract business and talent ‘is only the preface,’ stay ‘and’ develop well ‘are the key points.”Zheng Ping, secretary of the Party Committee and director of changsha Municipal Bureau of Commerce, and director of Changsha District Management Committee of China (Hunan) Pilot Free Trade Zone, said that the next step will be to carry out follow-up services throughout the whole process, to realize the rapid landing, construction and production of contracted projects, and to gather momentum for the high-quality development of Changsha.It is reported that the Changsha Federation of Industry and Commerce will focus on creating an upgraded version of “welcoming fellow villagers, returning to hometown and building hometown”, giving full play to the role of the long-distance Changsha Chamber of Commerce in attracting investment and serving enterprises, and setting off the climax of the return of “long business”.[Editor: Chen Shuyi][Source: Sanxiang Metropolis Daily]