Jincheng: Strive forward towards the goal of “building a new Jincheng of common prosperity”

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Under the background of RECP implementation, Shanxi Jingbai Garment Co., Ltd. located in Jincheng seized the opportunity and exported its garments to Australia.This year is the year of the party’s 20th National Congress, is the implementation of the “14th five-year plan” of the key year, but also all-round promotion of jincheng high-quality development of the year, do a good job in economic work is of great significance.On January 5, the second plenary session of the eighth Session of jincheng Municipal Party Committee and the economic work conference of jincheng Municipal Party Committee was held. The meeting summarized the economic work in 2021 and analyzed and deployed the economic work in 2022.Suggested that the meeting will be in accordance with the all-round development of high quality, the construction of common prosperity for the aim of the new jincheng requirements, focusing on the six strategic positioning, with good “six” work method, pays special attention to the key work eight aspects, overall layout, plan as a whole to promote “five one” coordination advances the strategy of “four comprehensive” layout, promote the party’s construction to a new level, achieve new results.In 2022, Jincheng put forward eight “unswerving” focuses on economic and social development.First, we will unswervingly build a “1+5” modern industrial system.We will accelerate the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, the development of optical and mechanical industrial clusters, the development of the whole industry chain of coalbed methane, the integrated development of culture, tourism, health and health care, the improvement of the quality and efficiency of the modern service industry, and the accumulation and empowerment of the digital economy.Focus on industrial transformation and strive to build a new pattern of high-quality development.To transform traditional industry with intelligence, to strengthen optical and mechanical industry with cluster, to strengthen coalbed methane industry with chain, to boost modern service industry with characteristic, to call out culture, tourism and health care brand with ecological, to transform digital energy industry.Second, we will unswervingly strengthen the primary support for projects.Play a good project planning “first hand chess”, play a good investment investment “combination”, run out of the project to promote the “acceleration”, consolidate the development zone project construction “main platform”.Focusing on market players, we will fully stimulate new vitality for high-quality development.Focus on the total “plus”, innovation policy “multiply”, optimize the environment “minus”.Third, we will unswervingly cultivate and strengthen market entities.We will vigorously launch the “Year of Building Market Players,” fully support the development and expansion of the private economy, and give full play to the role of state-owned enterprises as the pillar.Focus on project construction and strive for a new speed of high-quality development.Do deep and solid project planning, grasp the real project promotion, do excellent and solid project services, grasp the real project attract.Fourth, we will unswervingly advance the three-year campaign for urban development.Expand urban space, optimize urban layout, improve urban functions, improve urban quality and strengthen urban governance.We will focus on reform and innovation to unleash new drivers of high-quality development.We will intensify reform and innovation in development zones, deepen reform of state-owned assets and soes, strengthen financial capital management, deepen reform in the financial sector, continue to open wider to the outside world, and create a first-class innovation ecosystem.Fifth, we will unswervingly promote rural revitalization.Rural revitalization of identical text brigade, keep promoting the Yellow River basin, the whole xiamen city protection and development of high quality work, continue to pay special attention to the thyme river dawen ecological economic zone, row number one brigade Kang Yanghe ShiFanDai rural revitalization of the fusion development and Dan rural life sewage disposal ShiFanDai along the two rivers, reflow four tractional round-the-city water water engineering,At the same time, we will effectively link the progress made in consolidating and expanding poverty alleviation with rural vitalization.We will focus on the new type of urbanization and expand new space for high-quality development.Upgrade the energy level of central cities and enhance the integration of urban and rural areas.Sixth, we will unswervingly improve the business environment.We will pay close attention to the annual national assessment and provincial examinations, deepen the reform of “commitment system, standard areas, and all agency”, continue to upgrade centralized examination and approval of “one seal” to integrated service of “one thing”, carefully build the brand of “Jin Xin Service” government services, and carry out special rectification on a regular basis.We will focus on rural revitalization and make every effort to create new engines of high-quality development.We will keep to the two bottom lines, develop specially qualified agriculture, and strengthen social security and support.Seventh, we will unswervingly strengthen ecological progress.We will consolidate and expand our achievements in pollution prevention and control, accelerate ecological restoration and improvement, and vigorously promote green and low-carbon development.Focus on ecological and environmental protection, and make every effort to strengthen the new advantages of high-quality development.We will strictly implement the Carbon Peak Shanxi Action Plan, consolidate and improve the quality of the ecological environment, and continue to strengthen ecological protection, restoration, and governance.Eighth, we remained committed to improving people’s wellbeing and ensuring social stability.We will give priority to ensuring the wellbeing of the elderly, the young, and the young, prudently carry out regular epidemic prevention and control, firmly hold the bottom line of workplace safety, and continuously improve the effectiveness of social governance.We will focus on improving people’s wellbeing and make every effort to promote high-quality development.We will vigorously promote employment and entrepreneurship, do a good job in education that satisfies the people, promote the construction of a healthy Jincheng, improve the social security system, and promote the prosperity and development of cultural undertakings.The second Plenary Session of the eighth Session of Jincheng Municipal Committee of CPC and the Economic Work Conference of Jincheng Municipal Committee of CPC comprehensively outlined a new blueprint for promoting high-quality development.The city will take the meeting as an opportunity to build on the momentum and make progress, work hard and take a long time to enhance the sense of responsibility and urgency, focus on the key points, and comprehensively promote the high-quality development of the local economy.Our reporter Cui Zhenhai intern reporter storm Lipeng