Honor and honor!Hebei four banks signed the first batch of exclusive financial preferential treatment

2022-05-03 0 By

This morning, hebei province ex-servicemen, other privileged groups outstanding financial cooperation signing ceremony held in Shijiazhuang.At the ceremony site, the Department of Veterans Affairs of Hebei Province signed the cooperation Agreement on Outstanding Certificates for Veterans and Other Privileged Groups of Hebei Province with Hebei Branch of INDUSTRIAL and Commercial Bank of China, Hebei Branch of Agricultural Bank of China, Hebei Branch of Postal Savings Bank and Shijiazhuang Branch of Everbright Bank.Financial cooperation signing ceremony of hebei Ex-servicemen and other privileged groups.Outstanding certificate is the People’s Republic of China veterans outstanding Certificate and the People’s Republic of China martyrs, soldiers who died in the line of duty, the family of the deceased soldiers outstanding certificate, unified by the Ministry of Veterans Affairs, is the holder of the carrier of honor, enjoy preferential treatment.The card takes the bank card as the carrier and has a built-in chip, including a unified number.Officials of the first four banks said that they have developed exclusive financial preferential treatment plans for hebei ex-servicemen and other preferential groups, and will do a good job in financial service management of outstanding certificates in accordance with the relevant national requirements, and cooperate with the application, production, replacement and expansion of outstanding certificates and preferential treatment projects.”We hope that the four banks will do a good job in making, issuing and issuing cards, earnestly implement the Measures of Public Service Preferential Treatment for Ex-servicemen in Hebei Province (Trial), and study and formulate a list of specific preferential treatment, so that ex-servicemen and other privileged groups can have a better sense of success.”Li Long, party secretary and head of the Hebei Veterans Affairs Department, said at the signing ceremony that he hopes more financial institutions and social organizations will join in the cause of supporting and honoring military veterans and mobilizing more social forces to care for veterans and better serve national defense and military construction.