28 years old, wash dirty

2022-05-03 0 By

As the Spring Festival is coming, there is a saying in the south, “On the 28th day of the year, wash dirty.”At the end of the New Year every family cleans the courtyard.Due to the homonym of “Chen” and “Chen”, cleaning the dust at the end of the Year has the auspicious meaning of “removing Chen bu Xin”.The process of cleaning your house is also a process of disconnecting. Through labor, you throw away unwanted things and reorganize your life.Looking at the clean house, bright and clean, inner happiness and sense of achievement is full.People who are neat and tidy usually have the ability to make their lives exciting and happy.Let’s take advantage of the New Year to clean up our homes so that the mess doesn’t carry over to next year.Harvard Business School once conducted a study that the cleanliness of a home is closely related to the family atmosphere and happiness. If the home is often filthy and cluttered, the life will be filled with all kinds of negative energy, the heart will be tired of all kinds of complicated affairs, and the family relationship will often appear disharmony.On the contrary, if a home is often clean and tidy, people live in it is stretched, emotions can be circulated, the family natural harmony and happiness, full of vitality.Get rid of the things you don’t need, clean the Windows, keep them bright, and keep things in good order.In fact, when we clean our rooms, we are also cleaning our hearts. It is also a kind of spiritual practice.Happy mood, life entanglements, will be solved, happiness and blessings.