Why “Yiming” is amazing

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Beijing, Feb. 16 (Xinhua) –On February 16, Xinhua Daily Telegraph published a commentary titled “Yi Ming: Why It’s Amazing”.China’s Su Yiming won the gold medal in the men’s snowboard platform final at the Beijing Winter Olympics on February 15.It was his second medal of the Games after silver in slopestyle.Su Yiming, known as the “genius boy” of Snowboarding in China, performed well in the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, making people full of praise.Champion Su Yiming of China poses during the medal presentation ceremony of the men’s snowboard platform at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, Capital of China, Feb. 15, 2018.Behind the success of Su Yiming is the unknown hard work, is the result of efforts beyond their own.Talent is only one aspect, but by no means the whole, more rely on their own hard training, a little bit of progress, just have today’s soaring sky, blockbuster.Talent is important in any sport, but it’s just a stepping stone. Without hard work, it’s not enough to make a person reach the top of the world and realize his dream of “seeing all the mountains”.Some teammates said that in the training ground, Su Yiming is famous for his hard training. In the morning, others have not been on the piste, he has been on it. Others have gone to dinner, he is still training with vigor.Mr. Su breaks several skateboards a week, and “hard work” is a frequent word in his training notes on social media.China’s Su Yiming (r) and her coach embrace before the final jump of the men’s snowboard platform at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on Feb. 15.One of the secrets of Su yiming’s gold medal is that she dares to innovate and pursue limits in her movements.Solid training, bit by bit progress, day and night thinking, all behind is the spirit of pursuing excellence, which makes the gifted Su yiming fly higher and make the “genius boy” more full of wings.Su yiming’s achievements are the fruits of the practice of “driving 300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports”, and also the performance of the more and more solid mass foundation and atmosphere of Snowboarding in China.Looking around the ski resorts throughout the country, snowboarding has become a trend, many beginners would rather fall a few times, but also willing to step on the snowboard on the free gallop, feel different fengchifeng.Among these people, there are likely to be more Su yiming in the future.Su Yiming of China competes in the men’s snowboard platform final at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on February 15, 2008.Su yiming’s achievement proves that as long as the dream is there, Chinese people can do what foreigners can do.It is precisely because su yiming persevered in his dream and worked hard that he achieved a historic breakthrough, enabling many young people like him to find an example to learn from, which is also the charm of competitive sports.It is expected that more “gifted youth” can constantly break through their limits, and fight for their love and fly for their dreams while winning glory for their country.