Start again when spring comes!Six major cooperation projects have injected new momentum into xinxiang Plain demonstration Zone

2022-05-02 0 By

Henan Daily Rural Edition news (reporter Ma Bingyu, Liu Yaxin, Correspondent Lu Yulin) In order to implement the provincial Party Committee and government’s “project is king” concept, promote the “three batch” activities, implement xinxiang Municipal Party Committee and government around the “ten goals”, the implementation of the “ten actions” work arrangement, February 10,Pingyuan Demonstration Zone held the signing ceremony for 2022 major cooperation projects and Provincial People’s Hospital to comprehensively deepen cooperation. A batch of centralized signing projects injected new momentum into the development of Pingyuan Demonstration Zone.Jiao Shouchen, secretary of the Party Committee and general manager of Henan Xinfei Electric Appliance Group Co., LTD., and Li Festival, chairman of Henan Xinji Agricultural and Sideline Products Co., LTD., delivered speeches respectively at the signing ceremony of major cooperation projects.Chen Jianhong, director of the management Committee of Pingyuan Demonstration Zone, signed contracts with leaders of the aviation Industry Xinfei Industrial Park project, the Trust Supply Chain Industrial Park project, the Jingdong Health Industry Demonstration Zone base project, xinxiang Industrial and Commercial Vocational College project, the National Key Laboratory of Market Supervision project, and the Strategic cooperation project of Tanigawa Lianxing.The total investment of the 6 projects is 16.6 billion yuan, involving many fields such as university scientific research, high-end service and advanced manufacturing. The signing and landing of the projects will help Plain Demonstration Zone to strengthen the leading industry of “two high schools and one first” and build xinxiang City into “two areas, three districts and one hub”.After signing the contract, the participants went to the construction site of the north Hospital of provincial People’s Hospital.With a total investment of 2 billion YUAN, the north Branch of Henan Provincial People’s Hospital covers an area of 164 mu and a building area of 195,000 square meters.The project mainly builds the outpatient building, the medical technology building, the inpatient department, the emergency building, the expert apartment and the living assistance building, the scientific research building and the basement and so on, and strives to build a high level and modern medical center based on the demonstration area, serving Zheng Xin and radiating the Central Plains in 5 to 8 years.Shao Fengmin, party Secretary of Henan Provincial People’s Hospital, delivered a speech at the signing ceremony of comprehensively deepening cooperation between the Plain Demonstration Zone and the Provincial People’s Hospital.Chen Jianhong, director of the management Committee of the Plain Demonstration Zone, and Chen Chuanliang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and president of henan Provincial People’s Hospital, came to the stage to sign the contract.Kan, director of the health committee, party secretary of henan province, said all the way, the provincial people’s hospital of contracts with xinxiang plain demonstration zone, north campus construction in henan province people’s hospital, is to improve the regional health planning in our province, to promote high-quality medical resources expansion and balanced layout another step, is to promote economic development and promote the health and well-being mutually promote mutual benefit of the people’s livelihood project,It will greatly improve the sense of health gain and happiness of people in northern Henan.Li Weidong, secretary of xinxiang Municipal Party Committee, pointed out that today’s signing ceremony is an important stage achievement of Xinxiang’s integration into zhengzhou metropolitan area and will inject new vitality into xinxiang’s integration development.As the “bridgehead” of zhengzhou-Xinjiang-Integrated development, Pingyuan Demonstration Zone will seize the opportunity and take the initiative to achieve the four “sustained force” and shoulder greater responsibilities in the overall high-quality development of the city.Editor: Liu Yaxin