Legend of Mir ii: use a word to describe you that year play legend of the time have many cards

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One of the most frustrating things that legends players had in the past was how hard the game was, and this was due to a combination of two reasons.The first reason was that the network conditions at that time were relatively poor, such as network speed, computer configuration and so on.The second reason is that the SD server capacity and technical aspects are not mature, estimated Chen boss did not expect to have so many players online at the same time.More players, the server carrying capacity will not be able to withstand, is inevitable.Legends of the old players, you have the most profound experience, please use a word to describe you when playing legends, how much card, first see what they say.Legend of the stone door number one, buddy, you in the game?The first group of veteran players to play Legend often encounter the situation is unable to log in legend, not forget the account password, but can not squeeze into the game, only to see the stone door closed.A lot of players look at each other, look at each other’s machines and ask each other: Dude, are you in the game yet?Is that an exaggeration?Through the description of the old players, it is no exaggeration.Sometimes go to Internet cafes to grab the machine is the first step, can log in to play smoothly or another thing.A lot of players want to practice level of time is the choice of all night in the night, is a little less the game will be more fluent.Of course, $5 overnight is relatively cheap.Early legend game screen second, was KO, until now has not fallen this situation is still some, sometimes after playing legend card, resulting in the game there is always delay.For example, during PK activities, the player is sometimes cleared by the opponent’s KO health bar, but the player finds his character still frozen, or “sliding” somewhere.I waited a long time before I heard an “oh” fall.Centipede hole players third, a month only rose a level before playing legend training level is the most important thing, players point card time are basically consumed in the following level above.Because the game was running late, I was supposed to be promoted one level a week instead of one level a month.As long as a card player won’t have the patience to log in, can’t go overnight every day.Can only intermittently upgrade the upper limit, slow is excusable.If it is their own computer players a little bit better, all aspects are a person’s exclusive conditions, relatively smooth a lot.Alliance heavy map fourth, from the alliance heavy to centipede hole ran for an hour sometimes when the picture below if the card is really dare not fly, sometimes fly random when the card to where to go do not know, if accidentally fly to the map next to the stone mountain above also can not get down or directly stuck.If you run a little bit, sometimes you’re in a “slide” motion all the time, or you stop running a few steps.I used to have an old buddy run almost an hour to Centipede Cave from Mong Chong, which is really sad.Ladies and gentlemen, have you ever met Caton while playing legend?How would you describe in one sentence how many cards you had when you played Legend?Please share your experiences in the comments.For more content, follow Doc Legend