Fugou Jiu Garden: the 19th celebration of filial son and daughter-in-law and the most beautiful Family was held

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This article is adapted from: Excellent tree first, example first.On the morning of March 11, the 19th hanlin Cup was held in the square of Fugou County Wencai School. 106 representatives of the most beautiful families wore red and flowers to receive the commendation.The award for the 19th filial son and daughter-in-law and the most beautiful family of Jiuyuan Town was read out.59 “filial sons”, “filial wives” and 47 “most beautiful families” were solemnly commended, and awarded “certificates of honor” and prizes.The representative of filial son and daughter-in-law, the most beautiful family, and the representative of caring villagers made speeches respectively.Leek garden town party secretary Wang Pengyun hopes in speech activities as an opportunity, the whole town up and down together, work diligently, practical, carrying forward the culture of filial piety, pushing forward the construction of the start-up to promote local custom civilization, the garden in the town of leek flowers more colorful of spiritual civilization, to build a well-off society in an all-round way, build civilized, harmonious, rich in the struggle for new leek, beautiful garden.Hao Baojie, vice-chairman of fugou County CPPCC, pointed out in his speech that an advanced model is a banner, which should guide and educate the masses to “learn advanced, fight for advanced, when advanced”, and create a good atmosphere of “respecting the elderly, speaking public morality, speaking civilization”.We should actively explore and innovate selection methods so that the general public can further enhance their ideological understanding, enhance their moral concepts and carry forward traditional virtues through selection.To further set off advanced learning, catch up with advanced, strive for advanced upsurge, vigorously promote filial piety, speak civilization, tree new wind positive energy, let the flower of civilization bloom in the county.Carry forward the Traditional virtue of “respecting and loving the old” of the Chinese nation, play an exemplary and leading role, transfer the positive energy of the society, and make a positive contribution to the construction of spiritual civilization of the whole county!It is understood that these winners, after layers of selection, selection produced, they have many years to take care of sick parents have no regrets good son, but also take care of in-laws good daughter-in-law, more touched the neighborhood model representative.The celebration of “Filial son and daughter-in-law” and “The most beautiful Family” has been carried out in Jiuyuan Town for 19 consecutive years, to show the achievements of the construction of civilization of Jiuyuan Town, advocate the traditional virtues of “filial piety to the elderly, respect relatives, and pay attention to moral rites”, guide and educate the whole town people to observe public morality, emphasize filial piety, cultivate family traditions and promote harmony.(Wang Zhiqiang and Xie Junjie)