Don’t let your outfit overwhelm your temperament, try these 3 formulas to get chic and classy

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The breeze touched my face, but failed to make a ripple.The color is more beautiful than a flash in the pan, the sky is blue, not in the background of the vast land.As the saying goes, the Buddha needs clothes to be well-dressed. Fine clothes can make you bright in the crowd, but good things are not just good things, of course, a good dress collocation, but also play the role of finishing point.So, let us discuss together, what to wear is worth using for reference!A good dressing habit will not only make you more confident in front of new colleagues in the new environment, but also give you extra points in front of your leaders.The first suit: loose coat + knitted sweater + casual trousers + high heels, this dress is low-key but full of connotation.Loose and generous style coat, and then with slightly compact internal knitting wool, the coat exposed and easy temperament back, do put temperament, inner self-restraint, sweater can be slightly narrow, outline the figure line.Here the choice of recreational type of trousers is to let its wear to show a little female unique small jump skin, not wide not narrow trousers just can undertake the curve of sweater, it is just right.Here with a half-bottom type of high-heeled shoes, not high profile, but overall will bring fairy pressure under the foot.It is suggested that the color of high heels and coat should be the same, which will be slightly elegant, but not pompous, and less color, but not monotonous.This collocation is not recommended to use too rich color, because this style is mainly to create a low-key connotation of the simple style.Can refer to the following collocation: the second suit: coat + turtleneck sweater + skirt + pantyhose + leather shoes this wear is mainly to create a cold style woman style.It is recommended to wear hair or short hair.Khaki color is the best choice in universal collocation formula, extremely rich in cold charming lasting appeal, its contracted inside collect style lets the turtleneck sweater that chooses subsequently more on a style, whenever walking in the street, its careless expression is more see through all decorous cold jun fan.Pair it with a brown butt-hugging skirt that comes just below the knee.The cold jun that brings coat and sweater sees feeling to write to press in the lower half body already, have a kind of haughty but not high-key sigh with emotion more.Tie-in black or brown pantyhose, black mystery and brown vigorous feeling is to show female glamour undoubtedly.Have still hold pipa half cover face feeling.The rhythm time that brown leather shoes brings feels, it is the temperament that can far view only more gets incisively and vividly.This dress shows the expression is slightly high cold temperament, should not match too bright color.However, different colors of jewelry can be worn as appropriate.Can refer to below: the 3rd suit: coat + white shirt + loose trousers + high-heeled shoes + small watch + gules bag this one collocation makes is company white-collar and temperament elder sister, establish the image of a capable temperament elder sister.This suit suits most mature women.Hardcover yellow coat low-key to the calf, white shirt V-collar loose a button, more elegant, loose pants are icing on the cake, the benchmark of generous workplace women is a significant, high tiptoe is like a foot xiangyun, entering the workplace as stepping on no one’s land.Exposed silver small watch half insert trouser pocket, such as the last trace of pure in the world of mortals, conspicuous but not eye-catching.Gules small bag is embellishment more, temperamental second shows.A good outfit doesn’t make you a winner.Borrowing from the dress here can not be a fashionable person in a second, but it can let you after dinner, after work, enjoy a bit of their own time.It is a great pleasure to be able to add to the beauty of the readers and make this article meaningful.