Changchun citizens online message: North Lake area travel need buses!An official response is on the way

2022-05-02 0 By

“Kuanda Road and Sheng North Street need buses!”Recently, some changchun residents left comments on the Internet, reflecting the problems of public transportation, and soon received official responses.Profile picture “my family lives in the north by the open and bayhood this area (China shipping the whole world, China ShengShiCheng etc), near the plot very much, the hotel, but there are two urban arterial road, road and north street is not a bus through the wide, nearby residents travel by bus need to walk more than 500 meters and 1000 meters or more…”The citizen said, although 3 road car many cars, “but as the main line only go north yuan da Street, this community want to take 3 road travel far, but also need to cross the road wide car more basic no pedestrian zebra crossing north Yuan da Street…”File photo: On January 28, 2022, after receiving online messages from citizens, the Changchun Municipal government asked the Changchun Transportation Bureau to verify the situation and make a reply.According to the “Changchun Regular Bus Network Planning (2020-2025)”, A total of 23 bus lines have been prepared and planned in Jingkai North District. There are currently 3 A, 3 B, 272, 141 and other lines in the surrounding area, some of which can be connected with rail transit, and the operation is good.Image data in order to further satisfy the drive north district public bus travel demand direction, in our city transit planning work, in the area of new adjustment and planning for more than 10 lines, the current forms according to the area and traffic change, has opened to traffic planning G200 road, starting by dragon square, into changchun railway station north mouth,Through Beiyuanda Street, Yikuang Street, North People’s Street, can be connected with metro Line 1 transfer.Due to the limited traffic capacity of Beiyuanda Street, the train of thought to solve the problem of bus travel in this area will be carried out around track Line 8.In the next step, we will continue to add microcirculation lines in the region to fully establish the connection with Rail Line 8, so as to meet the needs of citizens to travel by multi-directional transfer of rail transit.The proposed route direction is basically the same as the existing route, and it still needs to rely on Beiyuanda Street, so the implementation conditions are not available for the time being, please understand.Jilin Daily production planning: Jiang Zhongxiao editor: Wu Ming