94 culinary students from Changyuan, the hometown of Chefs in China, participated in the Volunteer service of the Winter Olympic Games and delivered the “Taste of Changyuan” to the competition area.

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Top news · Henan Business Daily reporter Song Hongsheng intern Jin Ping correspondent Che Song 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics opening is approaching, in Zhangjiakou, Yanqing two competition areas, 94 college students from Changyuan Culinary Vocational and Technical College volunteers, carrying out voluntary service work, for the competition area to send “changyuan taste”.Changyuan is the first “Hometown of Chinese Chefs” in China, and also the county-level city with the largest number of Chinese cooking masters. The chefs from here are all over the country, with more than 30,000 chefs working in the city, and the chef teams are all over 46 countries and regions in the world.At present, changyuan has more than 2,300 restaurants of all kinds, and the annual turnover of the catering industry in the city was close to 2 billion yuan before the epidemic.In December last year, received the invitation after Beijing Olympic volunteer service, changyuan culinary vocational technical college in order to “cultivate a batch of good quality, high service level, the business ability of the volunteers” as the goal, from more than 4000 cooking process and nutrition and students between Chinese and western pastries, send out 94 students to become the 2022 Beijing Olympics and winter paralympic games volunteers.Two social practice teams of college students were formed by 94 students, and six volunteer service teams were set up, distributed in zhangjiakou and Yanqing, to participate in volunteer services such as catering service and match site service.”I’m in charge of catering in Yanqing, and I feel very excited and honored to participate in the service of the Winter Olympics.”Liu Yang, the volunteer, said that he would practice the volunteer service concept of dedication, friendship, mutual assistance and progress in the process of volunteer service, and show the good style of Chinese youth to the world, win glory for the motherland and add luster to Henan.It is reported that the volunteer service of the Winter Olympic Games is another international event for students of Changyuan Culinary Vocational and Technical College after the G20 Hangzhou Summit.Wang Dongjie, vice president of the institute, said that the volunteers will sing the strongest voice of “please rest assured that the Party has me in the Winter Olympics”, and devote themselves to serving the main battlefield of the Winter Olympics with the most enthusiasm and professional service of Chinese youth.