138.74 points!Peng Cheng jin Yang both tears, only 1 mistake, CCTV: proud of them

2022-05-02 0 By

Beijing Olympic figure skating pairs the free, this is also the capital gymnasium to produce the final piece of the gold medal, two combination is expected to shock the podium for China, in the short program phase, Ken peng at fifth, SuiWenJing/Han Cong is first of all, we can see two five-star red flag rising on the podium, let a person look forward to.In the short program for the previous day, Ken peng at play is impressive, 76.10 points, was ranked fifth, it is worth mentioning that the Olympic Games four years ago, two people in pyeongchang a serious mistake, failed to make the free, this time the progress is great, not only have a second chance to show their strength, but also is expected to hit a Olympic medal.Before the competition, peng Cheng, my female companion, said: “There is no pressure on me, the only pressure comes from myself, I hope to have a good performance, do not want to leave any regrets!”In the free skate, Peng Cheng and Jin Yang competed in 14th place. Peng Cheng, wearing a white dress decorated with peony flowers, and Jin Yang, wearing a red shirt, were emotional as they completed their final performance of the Games.Prior to Peng cheng and Jin Yang’s appearance, the highest score in free skating was held by Japan’s Riori Miura and Ryuichi Moto at 141.04, a career high.When the Chinese players appeared on the stage, the stands cheered and shouted “come on”. Peng Cheng and Jin Yang made up for their mistakes in the first jump. Peng Cheng only did it for 2 weeks, but the subsequent consecutive jumps were very smooth, and she also succeeded in twisting and lifting in the third week and dropping the ice in the third week.As the music came to a climax, lift and throw is also more and more beautiful, double joint turn synchronization is very strong, Peng Cheng Jinyang’s expression is also very good, finally, the two high quality to complete this movement, won 138.74 points, peng Cheng Jinyang both tears after the game, touching, CCTV commentary also sighed: “proud of them!”