Year of the Tiger first phase: big lotto 22013 trend analysis, the ninth lottery are you ready?

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The Spring Festival holiday of the Year of the Tiger has come to an end, but the hope and surprises in life will continue to appear. In this Spring Festival holiday, The Chinese women’s football team achieved an amazing reversal with their intrepent fighting spirit and never giving up, and reached the top of Asia again, giving a special New Year gift to the people of the whole country!For punters friends, surprise is continuous, sports lottery super brings 22013 on February 9, the lottery later, after the year of the tiger opened the first phase of the body colour brings the lottery, the accumulated before the Spring Festival, amounting to more than $1.225 billion jackpot, punters, my friends, let’s focus on the year of the tiger brings who will start?At the same time, I hope that through the analysis of this article, it can be helpful and inspiring for you to get the award.In order to give you a reference, we first review the last big lotto drawing numbers, big Lotto 22012 issued numbers: 03 05 10 33 34+07 10, the sum value of the front area numbers is 85, the span reached 31;The parity ratio is 3:2;The size ratio is 2:3, and there’s a sequence of 33 and 34.The numbers in the back are 07 and 10, which are also magical, and will be explained later in this article.Next, let’s take a look at the winning situation of the last big lotto. The first prize of the big Lotto 22012 was 6 bets, with a bonus of 10 million yuan per bet. There was an additional bet, with an additional bonus of 8 million yuan.The second prize is issued 86 bets, each bet bonus of 201,685 yuan, of which 29 bets are additional bets, additional bonus of 161,348 yuan;The distribution of the first prize is as follows: 1 bet in Anhui, 1 bet in Fujian, 1 bet in Chongqing, 2 bet in Sichuan and 1 bet in Shaanxi, among which the first prize in Shaanxi is an additional bet.The above is the situation of the last big Lotto drawing. Next, we will focus on the analysis of the trend of the big Lotto 22013, hoping to help you win the big prize.First, before the last big lottery, the number in the second zone was out of stock. Based on the trend of the historical lottery numbers, we can find that it is very rare for the number in the second zone to be out of stock for two consecutive periods. In the past 100 years, there has never been the situation that the number in the second zone is out of stock for two consecutive periods.In the past 100 periods, there have been 5 breaks, among which 1 number was issued in area 2 of the next period for 4 times and 2 numbers were issued in area 2 of the next period for 1 time. Therefore, 1 or 2 numbers will be issued in area 2 (13-24) before the 2013 Big Lottery, with a high probability of opening one.Second, area number before 3:2 ratio are two phase size, are all small advantage, through nearly 50 period size form data can be analyzed, if small two consecutive period of dominant, is the third phase of the dominant probability is half and half, so you couldn’t blind to kill the area before the 22013 small, small also is likely to continue to maintain the advantage.Third, the number of the rear area before the large continued to strengthen, but according to the data statistics of nearly 50 issues, small 48 times, large 52 times, the gap is not big, so if the area continues to open large after lotto 22013, do not be surprised.In addition, the combination of 07 and 10 drew three times in 13 periods, which is also a rare phenomenon in the history of the lottery, so it is difficult to judge the numbers in the back area of the 2013 lottery.Based on the above analysis, we can pay more attention to the numbers 03, 11 and 12 in the front area of the 2013 Big Lottery: 01 03 04 07 15 18 23 29 30 34 back area.Words of a family, only for discussion, not as a basis for buying color, inadequate welcome comments!At the same time to remind friends: lottery can only be entertainment, the prize is accidental, hard work is the harvest of a better life sunshine road!Finally, I wish my friends to make a fortune in the year of tiger. I wish you a better life and career.Thank you friends move your lucky fingers, like, favorites, follow or forward, thank you for your encouragement, lottery friends, what do you think of the trend of 22013 super Lottery?Welcome to leave a message to discuss, let us brainstorm together, open brains, welcome to leave your valuable opinion, everyone firewood flame high, collision a lucky spark, realize their dreams!Past Big Lotto Grand Prize acceptance scene