With a driving distance of over 300,000 kilometers, the cost of VIMA EX5 comprehensive vehicle is only 38,000 yuan

2022-05-01 0 By

Many people prefer new energy vehicles, not only because new energy vehicles have environmental protection characteristics, but also because new energy vehicles have full energy saving properties.For example, Weimar EX5, owned by Weimar Automobile, the “no. 1 smart car force”, has surprising energy-saving properties.Weimar EX5 is the first SUV model of Weimar Automobile, which has many advantages and is favored by users.In 2021, the first WEimar EX5 with a driving range of over 300,000 kilometers was officially born, which is of great significance to Weimar Automobile.According to this mileage of more than 300,000 kilometers of Weima EX5 owners, compared to the frequent maintenance of fuel cars and often thousands of yuan of maintenance costs, WEima EX5 within three years of the mileage of more than 300,000 kilometers, only need maintenance 5 times, and the total cost of maintenance only 2,000 yuan!Not only that, the power consumption of the Wayma EX5 is only 15 KWH for 100 km, and the total charging cost for 300,000 km is only 36,000 yuan.That is to say, in 3 years, the mileage of VIMA EX5 exceeded 300,000 kilometers, the comprehensive vehicle cost is only 38,000 yuan, compared with the same price, the same mileage of the fuel vehicle savings of about 170,000 yuan, equivalent to saving a new car!This greatly saves the user’s car cost and makes a great contribution to environmental protection and energy saving.With excellent performance, the cumulative sales volume of WEimar EX5 has already exceeded 60,000 units, which has been the first cumulative sales volume of China’s new force A-class pure electric SUV for several consecutive months.The popularity of VIMA EX5 not only benefits from its excellent performance, but also has a lot to do with vIMA’s dedicated user service.Through standardization system, talent cultivation system, after-sales service improvement, digital construction, spare parts supply chain, remote technical support and other aspects of construction, Weimar automobile continues to improve user service experience.It is worth mentioning that WEimar has created a professional and efficient customer service team, which can provide users with 7X24 online road rescue services, all-weather door-to-door, one-to-one remote diagnosis and upgrade services.As an important member of the new force of automobile manufacturing in China, Weimar Automobile has always advocated “user-defined automobile”, and also penetrated “user-defined automobile” into the whole life cycle of the vehicle, such as product definition, production and vehicle experience.Weimar has been making our daily driving comfortable and happy with its intelligence. We look forward to more surprises from Weimar and WEimar EX5 in the future!