Warm hands, warm heart suzhou Park enthusiastic residents 150 cups of milk tea to nucleic acid testing staff show love

2022-05-01 0 By

“Milk tea warms hands and hearts, and neighbors love each other.” Every day, the medical staff and volunteers work long hours in spite of wind and cold, which the community residents see in their eyes, moved in their hearts.On the morning of February 19, during the fourth round of nucleic acid testing in Suzhou Industrial Park, a warm-hearted resident of the South Community of Times Shangcheng quickly drove out of the community after the nucleic acid test, bought 150 cups of milk tea and gave it to the nucleic acid testing staff in the community.On each milk tea cup, he wrote “Suzhou Refueling” by hand to encourage everyone.In recent days, the enthusiasm for participating in the community’s fight against the epidemic has continued unabated.At present, nearly 100 volunteers have signed up spontaneously.Sometimes, community workers find themselves understaffed, call out in the group, and enthusiastic residents show up 10 minutes later.Liu, who had been volunteering in the community for two consecutive days, posted photos of her work on her wechat moments. Unexpectedly, the friends who ran the restaurant quickly organized 40 hot lunches and delivered them to the community volunteers at noon.While waiting in line for nucleic acid tests, some residents carried warm babies and hot water bottles and gave them to volunteers and medical staff.Today, the fourth round of nucleic acid testing in Suzhou Industrial Park is more efficient and faster.At 11 o ‘clock, 14 detection points in area 1 and 3 of times Upper City under the jurisdiction of the South community have all completed the detection tasks in advance.Editor: Li Junfeng (new media operator, senior photographer)