American girl collects guns, national Geographic magazine alerted, can arm a company

2022-05-01 0 By

What man doesn’t love a gun?This is an American girl with her own gun on display, and by the look of it, it’s not too much of a problem to arm one.Alyssa, who grew up with a passion for guns, was supported by his parents.It is said that he participated in the National shooting competition and got a good place.When National Geographic heard about the girl, they managed to get in touch with him and interviewed him.Perhaps communicating well with each other, the girl invited the national Geographic staff to his exhibition room, which led to the photo.According to the girl, the room was his room of secrets, and he didn’t want anyone to enter it, but he allowed reporters in and even published it in National Geographic magazine.Unfortunately, as the interview was about to go out, the national Geographic staff suddenly said, “You are a little girl, and guns are too sensitive in America, so we can publish your story, but we can’t use this photo.”This made the girl feel humiliated. Did the staff talk to him for so long because they wanted to see his collection?Furious, the girl posted the photo on her social media account.Judging from the photos of the guns on display, there are many IPSC models of the Open family, so it looks like the girl is definitely rich.I did find it strange that I couldn’t find any AK47 assault rifles in my search.I later learned that this stuff is not allowed to buy in the private sector.In the United States, the folk is only allowed to collect semi-automatic rifles, but not allowed to use fully automatic rifles, also do not know what is going on, you can teach me.